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I need your help!!!

Did you have any difficulties to enter my site?   If yes – what happened? Did you have redirecting problem? You came here but suddenly there was an ad where you were linked?   Several people have told me about ‘redirecting’ problem.   I need to know 3 things to solve the problem.   1.

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technical problems?!

Have you had any problems when entering my blog?   I’ve got several mails saying that people are redirected to an ad page just after 1-2 seconds they’ve come to my site. Has this or similar happen to you? Please leave me a comment WHERE did you click my address or how did you come

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to comment or shut up?

    I get about 20-30 spam comments per day. Here are some examples. I know Christian Louboutin would NOT send spam comments to me. I checked their homepage.   This shows it’s no news to them – they have a warning on their homepage… It looks like Mike knows me. But hey, he thinks

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