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SUMO digital fun challenge #2

The first round was not a huge success… 😥 Let’s see if there are more players this week!?   Here’s my entry     Don’t know what SUMO digital fun is about? Check the first challenge post and play along!   You have time till Thursday midnight Casa time…      

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SUMO digital fun challenge #1

This is a new kind of picture challenge. We play with Sumo Paint! Relaxing, having fun and creating pictures! Even if we use same tools, same colors etc. all the pictures will be different. How fun is that?! 🙂 Here’s an example how the process goes… But first REGISTER for a free account >>>Sumo Paint

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I had to create something…

so I manipulated the balls I made with Sumo Paint… 😀                               This is the original picture I made.     I’d love to learn how to use Sumo Paint or some other software. Do you create pictures? If you do

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