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am I slow or…

…do I have less hours than you? Time flies! Hi everyone! I’m SO slow when doing things. Yesterday sewing, it took ‘hours’ to finish basic things. One reason is that I want to finish things at once. I dislike disassemble (seams etc.). (How do you say that correct? ‘dislike disassemble’ OR to take apart???)  

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bright night 20.6.2017 at 22 29 pm by BLOGitse

natural light nights in Finland…

It’s midsummer weekend, midnight sun, the sun remains visible… I shot this the other evening     Check how it looks in Northern Finland   Utsjoki: Tie970 − Nuorgam − Tenojoki: Play lifetime   Here’s a google map showing the web cam location Nuorgam, Lapland, Finland       On Wed 21.6.2017 at 7:24 it

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peony bud 9.6.2017 by BLOGitse

water + color…

    together is watercolor 😆   Last couple of days have been SUNNY and WARM!   I bought a pile of 300 g paper from England. Oh, and have I painted – yes, yes, yes! I really like that paper and I must, must order more of it before all 100 sheets are gone……..

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one of my suns by BLOGitse

Fri 9.6.2017 sunrise 3:59 – sunset 22:42

  and we have full moon today here in Southern Finland! I wake up every morning 5 am because it’s so bright (I get up later though).   We’ve been painting outside walls, planted grass seeds (hopefully good ones), organizing furniture and stuff inside… This sun we bought from Egypt when we lived in Cairo…

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Sydney Chinatown by BLOGitse

weekend #10 – in Sydney again

  Hi everyone!   Greetings from Sydney again, we’re back from Fiji,   a few weeks in Sydney enjoying cooler and drier weather 🙂 (I’ll do Fiji post later when back at home…)   We visited Sydney Chinatown before Fiji,   this is for Geometric Friday     It was Chinese New Year time, very

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no name by BLOGitse

sparkle of light

  It’s weekend and I’ll fly to………Spain! A couple of weeks sparkle of light will be gooooood!     Paint Party Friday     Sun can make funny sparkles and patterns…..     Geometric Friday       Have a relaxing weekend!      

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what a nightmare…

  What a nightmare life has been since last Friday. On Fri afternoon I went to our new flat. It was not cleaned even if it’s ‘commercial custom’ here. I booked cleaning staff for tomorrow morning. They’re going to clean the whole place. Every detail.   Previous owner just took all their stuff and didn’t

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busy, busy…I'm trying to be a good wife, cook, secretary etc. kiire, kiire ja kaikki tekemättä…millaista olisi olla vaihteeksi kunnon vaimo?

Morning was beautiful…but then started terrible wind….We went shopping and there were terrible queues…Now at home and I noticed all the undone things!So, I’m going to activate myself to be like a good wife, cook, secretary etc.That’s going to be fun! 🙂Aamu oli kaunis mutta sitten alkoi hirvittävä tuuli…Menimme kauppaan ja siellä oli järkyttävät jonot…Nyt

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yesterday gone, just a memory + photos…and cleaning! eilinen mennyt, vain muisto jäi…ja valokuvat! ja siivoaminen!

you see the sand from yesterday…and this is only few wipes…Note: the sand is like dust or flour…Not a word about today’s weather…oh, but I have few pics which I took in the morning just before 7 o’clock… tässä murto-osa hiekkamyrskyn hiekoista…muutaman suitaisun verran… Tiedoksi, että hiekka on hienoa kuin pöly tai vehnäjauho… ja nyt

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