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breast cancer – my story part 7. rintasyöpä – minun tarinani osa 7.

One year after… Vuoden jälkeen… 10.6.2010 was one year after my breast cancer surgery. I had my check up 7.6.2010 and got the results today:  CLEAN!  and all my blood test results are good too! Now I have one year for the next mammography.  I have a 5 years follow-up here in Helsinki, Syöpätautien klinikka…

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breast cancer – my story part 5. rintasyöpä – minun tarinani osa 5.

On Saturday 10.10.09 it was 4 months from my breast cancer surgery. 4 kk rintasyöpäleikkauksestani… You can check earlier posts: 1, 2, 3.1, 3.2 and 4. (Linkit aikaisempiin tarinani osiin 1-4) pic/kuva 1. pic/kuva 2. These two (1. & 2.) pictures were taken 10.8.09 otetut kuvat Two months after the surgery / Kaksi kuukautta leikkauksen

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last treatment today! viimeinen hoito tänään!

Today is my last, 21st, radiation therapy. The rest of the week is busy meeting family and friends plus shopping. I can’t wait to get back home. I miss my own life. Today is the first cold morning here in Helsinki. It’s raining and temperature about +11C. It should be around +15 in the afternoon…

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my radiation therapy started… sädehoidot alkoivat…

This is where I go 21 times for radiation therapy. It takes less than 10 minutes: take off my shoes and upper body clothes, have couple of minutes radiation and put the clothes back on. The radiation is painless. Last couple of days it’s been sunny but there’s autumn in the air… Tänne ramppaan 21

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