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September with shadows 3.

Hi everyone! Invisible poison is still here. Some people don’t remember that – so sad. We’ll see and feel new lockdowns soon.   Because we stay mainly at home I have time to…enjoy life! This summer we planted potatoes in a bucket 🙂 and these potatoes oh, so yummy plus garlic (you probably remember that

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a tree in a glass jar by BLOGitse

September with shadows 2.

Hi everyone! Windy, rainy, sunny, grey = our Septermber How about yours? I’ve been doodling, drawing, painting with watercolors. How about you?   ThemeArt September 2020 challenge is ‘shadows’ – Tässä Teemakuu-60 kuvia varjoilla.   ‘a tree in a glass jar’, watercolor and fine line   Paint Party Friday ‘indian ink’ ‘irises’ with shadows  

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September with shadows

Hi everyone! How are you? Did you have a good summer? My summer was long and good. Right now autumn is itching but that happens every year!   In September all my pictures will have more or less shadows. ThemeArt September 2020 challenge is ‘shadows’ painted with acrylics Paint Party Friday watercolor, fountain pen, fine

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