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how to…sketch…no black

Hi everyone! End of November – how’re you doing??? I’m fine but this month has been very busy 🙂   How to survive November challenge b&w is soon over #25 #26 #27 Marraskuun selätyksissä viimeisiä viedään. Tosi nopeesti mennyt tähän asti. Entä teillä? Here are my daily sketches #sketchtime 20 #21 #22   Paint Party

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slow-motion November

Hi everyone! My life is very slow right now. I have a lot to do but energy level is…very low 🙂 But challenges help! Like How to survive November 2020 in black and white #18 #19 #20 or sketching/drawing/painting etc. Here are my sketchtime #18 Paint Party Friday #19 or ThemeArt November 2020 challenge ‘no

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mid November

Hi everyone! Here you are, a flower for you to brighten mid November!   This is one way how to survive November to take part this challenge with black & white works 🙂 #11 #12 #13 Opposite of this b&w challenge is ThemeArt November 2020 challenge ‘no black (color)’ #2 Teemakuu-62 haasteessa ei mustaa näy!

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this week

Hi everyone! This week I have (too) many pics to show. This is for ThemeArt November 2020 challenge ‘no black (color)’ Teemakuu-62 haastee on ‘ei mustaa (väriä)’ Paint Party Friday It’s time for HOW TO SURVIVE NOVEMBER challenge This year theme is Black and White. You can take photos, draw, paint, play music or do

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