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sketching and dyeing

Hi everyone! I’ve been dyeing for years but next week I’ll try something new – stitching, different folding styles…Stitching and pole wrapping are new to me. Here’s a video how many folding styles there are, SHIBORI folding tutorial   Here you can see stitching   I’ve done some stitching, rubber band and other foldings, more

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weekend abstracts

Hi everyone! How are you? Painting/gardening/shopping/relaxing…or what? 🙂 This week I’ve been painting a few abstracts and started a big canvas with acrylics, (not finished yet) First a quick warm-up sketch wiuh, wiuh – done! Gouache and ink and just ink and water Paint Party Friday For ThemeArt May 2019 challenge ‘music with symbols and

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Lars Kepler – I’m hooked

Hi everyone! During a break I listened three books, fourth started. It’s a great way to listen books when sunbathing. Lars Kepler‘s ‘The Hypnotist’ was creepy, violent but mesmerizing, well written crime story. I’ve always liked crime stories – but too violent crime movies or series are not for me – listening is different. I

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spring break

Hi everyone! I’ll have a short blogging break, till mid May. This week I’ve been trying to draw, paint, sketch a little every day. These croquis drawings I did to warm-up the other day. These are one minute sketches. Paint Party Friday   This is for ThemeArt May 2019 challenge ‘music with symbols and signs’

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spring busy

but it’s been great! From furniture arrangement to recycling, winter/summer clothes operation, organizing this part and then you notice that part needs to be done too… Chaos is almost strangled by my tiny hands 🙂 These are for ThemeArt April 2019 ‘fashion’ Tässä Teemakuun viimeinen muotikuva ja kollaasi.   #6/6 and all 6 together Paint

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spring, spring – oh, yes!

Hi everyone! Finally it’s spring here too! I’ve been sunbathing twice, naked, of course 🙂 Our terrace is totally private – sky is the limit! You remember I did sewing, here are the tops I made, waiting for warm, summer days… These are for April ThemeArt challenge ‘fashion’ Teemataiteen huhtikuussa luodaan ‘vaatemuotia’ #4/6 #5/6 I

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sewing time

Hi everyone! We have terrible mess at home – most of the fabrics I own are spread around the living room. I need to finish 3 tops I’ve made and make one more, today. Only four fabrics talked to me, rest of them will wait to be sewn later 🙂   This April ThemeArt challenge

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read my lips

Hi everyone! These are the lips, not mine, but can you read them? 🙂 I can’t 🙂 I just digipainted them 🙂 Paint Party Friday   This April ThemeArt challenge is about ‘fashion’ Teemataiteen huhtikuussa luodaan ‘vaatemuotia’ #1/6 #2/6 Are you fashionista? I’m not. I like practical, comfy clothes and natural materials. I buy if

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inspiration of Iris Apfel

Iris and Aira

Hi everyone! The other day I saw this amazing, 97 yrs old lady on tv Iris Apfel, what a lady! I love her style but I don’t want to be the centre of attention. Here in Finland we have our own iris, AIRA Samulin, photo Mika Mäntyniemi Aira is 92 and still active! She’s a

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this and that

Hi everyone! Do you remember this leather skirt with metal buttons and cute hem? I had one…I was slim and very young 🙂   These digipaintings are for Paint Party Friday This is abstract but I can see a bird – what do you see?   For me this is a bug – for you?

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