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September with shadows

Hi everyone! How are you? Did you have a good summer? My summer was long and good. Right now autumn is itching but that happens every year!   In September all my pictures will have more or less shadows. ThemeArt September 2020 challenge is ‘shadows’ painted with acrylics Paint Party Friday watercolor, fountain pen, fine

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trees in Malaga Spain by BLOGitse

back at home in Helsinki (Finland)

  Hi everyone!   I’m back at home, it’s good to sleep in my own bed again 🙂 The weather in Helskinki has been okay, no snow, no ice – yet. I’ve even seen some sunshine, jihuuuu!   In Málaga I photographed trees…     Look how geometric they are 🙂     Geometric Friday

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green green green by BLOGitse

green, green, green

    Where ever you walk you can see green, deep green leaves, plants…. It’s been cool, rainy and grey but finally this weekend it will get warmer and sunny! 🙂     I love trees, old trees,branches….     strawberry flowers (wild)     rain drops look like diamonds     Shadow Shot Sunday2

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