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true or not?

Hi everyone! Do you think this is true or not? Yes, I know lips might be huuuuge nowadays but this huge? 🙂 What about this, true or not? 🙂 These are my entries #2 and #3 for ThemeArt February 2020 ‘No, can’t be true!’ Helmikuun teema 2020 on ‘Ei, ei voi olla totta!’ Yllä olevat

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TWO to see:KAKSI näkemisiin_1 by BLOGitse

two to see

    January’s Theme Art challenge ‘a title with a number’ inspired me to draw first with pencil and to add a splash of black ink         then I sprayed water and watercolor, here it’s black and white       and here in color       TWO to see/KAKSI näkemiseen  

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Monday Mellow Yellow tulip by BLOGitse

spring flower power

    Monday Mellow Yellow challenge       spring yellow tulips     Have a great week everyone!    

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tulip and shadows by BLOGitse

Helsinki in one minute in Chinese

  weekend #13 photo     Shadow Shot Sunday2       Life In Pictures   Sundays In My City        Have a relaxing weekend!     ps. remember Digital Fun Challenge on Monday!    

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