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What a May!

My whole body rocks for May! Every time I go outside or look out of the window – my heart goes bum-bum-bum 🙂   ThemeArt May 2020 challenge is ‘in the kitchen’   Teemakuu-58 toukokuu haaste on ‘keittiössä’ #1 rosemary / rosmariini #2 This weekend it’s Mother’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day! Many mothers will get

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macro 'sharp' with shadow by BLOGitse

knives and rain…

  week #45 photos       makroviikko/macro week challenge #79   teema / theme:   terävä // sharp     Vastaukseni / here’s my entry:       NOPE, I’m not cutting myself with this sharp little knife even if Spanish verbs are difficult 🙂 I peel fruits and vegetables with it!   This

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