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still old year 2013 in Malaga city by BLOGitse

back at home…

  Hola a todos!   I had a good, long break and now ready to rock again! Oh, it’s a new year, 2014, happy this year everyone!   How are you??? I’m fine. Had my right eye operated a couple of days ago (astigmatism). I’m so happy I don’t need glasses anymore and I will

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window bw by BLOGitse

11 weeks in Malaga, Spain, 6.

  week 6 in Málaga, Spain     My hubby came to Málaga yesterday! jeeeee! He’s doing some work right now but after that we’ll go for a long walk. Really nice to have company, my best friend!     Have a relaxing weekend everyone!     b&w version of a window original    

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Sunday walk in Malaga by BLOGitse

11 weeks in Malaga, Spain, 5.

    week 5 in Málaga, Spain     Nelson Mandela   R.I.P.     ♥    ♥    ♥       Second week I try(ed) to learn more Spanish, to speak. This week I took only private lessons and I’m very happy. Next time here I will continue to take private lessons. I learn

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coffee Pacharan and sun Malaga Spain by BLOGitse

11 weeks in Malaga, Spain, 4.

  week 4 in Málaga, Spain     Finally, finally!!! the cold is over! I had it for 20 long days… Now it’s time to get in shape again, walking, walking and more walking. But when I feel lazy, just to relax, I take ‘un cafe solo’ (espresso) y ‘Pacharan con hielo’ in the port

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Malaga Spain from the sea by BLOGitse

11 weeks in Málaga, Spain 3.

  week 3 in Málaga, Spain     Winter is coming to Málaga too! It’s +13 C / 55,4 F and cloudy, hopefully later sun will shine….   I took a one hour boat trip, here are a few shots from that short sailing…                   There are

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clothespins by BLOGitse

11 weeks in Málaga, Spain 2.

  week 2 in Málaga, Spain   Hi everyone! Huh, what a period this has been… Last Sunday I was mainly in bed – the cold was (is) really hard. I’m still coughing and I feel ‘weak’, or not as strong as normally.   I’ve been walking by the sea- I feel how the sea

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blue sky in Malaga by BLOGitse

11 weeks in Málaga, Spain

  week 1 in Málaga, Spain     Hola a todos!   Here I am in Málaga, ejoying HOT weather – yes, HOT this time of the year! It’s been +28° C (82.4° F) during the daytime, evenings are cool but not cold.     THE Cathedral in the city center of Málaga. Here’s what

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1215th post

  makroviikko/macro week challenge #85   teema / theme:   joulukoriste // xmas ornament     Vastaukseni / here’s my entry:    Stressitöntä loppuvuotta kaikille! Blogini jää talvilomalle – palaan tammikuun lopussa silmäoperaation jälkeen. Makroillaan taas vuonna 2013 🙂       Other entries:   Shadow Shot Sunday2     Sundays In My City  

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