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a big bud by BLOGitse

blossoms and blooms

  weekend #18 photos   Buds here and there and everywhere…       My mother gets wood anemones on Mother’s Day 13.5. She got one of these already 🙂   A view from my friend’s flat, that’s Gulf of Finland. If you cross it you find yourself in Tallinn, Estonia.   Colorized shadows on

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walking around Tali area, Helsinki, Finland…

  We had a two hour walk around Tali area on Saturday. Oh, boy how beautiful it was! The weather, nature…perfect!       I didn’t know there’s an area where you play disc GOLF. We’re going to try it one day 🙂   Tali Disc Golf Park       Talin tallaajat had a

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white, green and red…

  Renovation started today. Our bedroom and my room are empty and waiting for the big change. 🙂 Even if our whole weekend was mainly moving our stuff we had time to have long Nordic walks in fresh air!   WHITE Poor Wood anemones were freezing yesterday, it was windy and not very warm…  

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