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September with shadows

Hi everyone! How are you? Did you have a good summer? My summer was long and good. Right now autumn is itching but that happens every year!   In September all my pictures will have more or less shadows. ThemeArt September 2020 challenge is ‘shadows’ painted with acrylics Paint Party Friday watercolor, fountain pen, fine

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sunny, hot, lazy, studious = summertime

Hi everyone! My summerdays are all of that. It’s been sunny and hot. Good reason to give up and be lazy, just be. In the mornings I get up early to paint/draw/learning more about Procreate. Digital drawing is still difficult but I want to learn. The other day I bought lemons imported from Sorrento, Italy.

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watercolor lemon by BLOGitse

water and colors = colored droplets

I joined a watercolor painting group… Two sessions behind and painting feels more challenging than before! 🙂 paper is too dry or too wet, did I choose the right color or did I paint white area by mistake etc.   But I love painting! creating!   None of the works is ready yet, so here’s

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