About me

I’m a Finnish woman, first born, Aquarius, married with my soul mate, mother of two adults and eager to learn new interesting things that comes my way…and there is so much! My passions in life lead to the jobs I’ve done…everything from different handcrafts, marketing, visual creation, music dj and even running a business based on my own inventions. Life has, for some time (as an expat), given me the possibility to do what I really want…explore / study / learn / capture and share my views of the world around us. The most essential for me has always been the “conversation” and exchange of thoughts…communication.

I love: Conversations, open minded, passionate and positively “strange” people, music, dance, art, photography, traveling, early mornings, good food (with garlic) & wine.
I hate: Stupid and arrogant people, big crowds, me stressed, a bad sleep

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”. – Albert Einstein

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