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The Saimaa ringed seal, saimaannorppa in Finnish by BLOGitse

hey, hey it’s still May

  You have still time to watch this little fellow     ‘The Saimaa ringed seal, saimaannorppa in Finnish, is one of the rarest seals in the world.’   LIVE HERE     Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been away a couple of weeks… I’ll be on and off near future too. I don’t have time to be

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texture painting more layers (not ready) by BLOGitse

coffee and watercolors…

    Hi everyone! We’ve had a beautiful, sunny week! wow! Every morning I’ve painted something and then enjoyed sunbathing in our terrace…   I’ve put more layers on this canvas – now it looks like this, not complete yet.       Paint Party Friday     I’ve played with coffee. A few coffee

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footpath 23.04.2017 by BLOGitse

snow, rain…we got it all

  This April has been very interesting. One day it’s sunny, next day snowy, the following rainy…   Look at these images     Sunday 23.4.2017   it was nice and dry to have ‘a forest walk’       Wet snowfall Tuesday 25.4.2017       Tired Grape hyacinths Tuesday 25.4.2017      

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paper yarn something new_8 theme art april 2017 by BLOGitse

spring = more light

  Hi everyone! Thanks for your kind and supportive words last week! ♥ This week has been better even if I almost ate a dental implant screw. It’s back again…oh boy. But otherwise life is good! 🙂   For Theme Art challenge in April 2017 ’something new’         Previous posts here and

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learning to sketch by BLOGitse

weekly photo challenge plus others

  I want to learn how to sketch,   do more, do more and more, get better… Here’s one work I did on my sketchbook,   linking to   Weekly Photo Challenge: achievement         linking also to   Mandarin Orange Monday   and   P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday       Have

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macro, orange and ruby by BLOGitse

macro, orange and red

      Three memes with one shot.     Mandarin Orange Monday     Macro Monday 2     Ruby Tuesday Too         Have a good week everyone!    

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detail of ink game by BLOGitse

ink game

    I played with acrylic ink and watercolors…   Here’s a detail for   Macro Monday 2         Here’s the original ink game for   Ruby Tuesday       With PhotoScape I colorized red to orange for   Mandarin Orange Monday         Have a good week everyone!

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orange shovel by BLOGitse

shovel in orange, macro and ruby

    Colors, I love colors!   That’s why I participate new meme for me, to get energy for this season of darkness….     Mandarin Orange Monday         This version is for   Macro Monday 2       ‘rusty face’     This version is for   Ruby Tuesday Too

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red splotch on a newspaper by BLOGitse

red splotch

    MACRO MONDAY 2     I HEART MACRO     RUBY TUESDAY TOO         Have a good week!  

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