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weekend pics

Autch! how time flies, Hi everyone! I started to write a novel (in Finnish). I’ve made notes, written only 5 or 6 A4s but started! I want to have the first draft, version ready by the end of this year. sigh. Spring, summer coming oooops! I’m gonna be a busy girl! 🙂   End of

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weekend pictures

Hi everyone! Snow, more snow. That’s our winter in Finland! I’m linking these pics for Paint Party Friday   and ThemeArt January challenge #3/6 #4/6   Here’s one of my morning routine pics sketchtime #29 Have a good weekend! Stay safe, wear mask.

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Lalaalaa, it’s 2021!

Hi everyone! How’re you doing? My long blogging break was good. This week we’ve been busy with snow work. No need for gym 🙂 Here are a couple pics for Paint Party Friday sketchtime #27 sketchtime #28 ThemeArt January 2021 challenge is ‘attraction/sight’ At the end of January, you’ll see a new work of art

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