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autumn colors

Hi everyone! Did you know that Finland is the heavy metal country, with more than 50 metal bands for every 100,000 people? Check this CAPITAL OF METAL I like all kinds of music, some heavy too but soul, funk, rock, jazz, classical, R&B…are my favorites. What’s your favorite music? Bands? Singers? We don’t have that many autumn

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this week…

has been ‘normal’… A little bit creative work, a little bit housework, a little bit being outdoors (more at the weekend), a little bit yummy food, a lot of fruit and vegetables 🙂 How about your week? ink and acrylics flowers for you Paint Party Friday ThemeArt September 2019 theme is ‘fifty’ This month I’ll

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nothing special

Hi everyone! This week has a title ‘nothing special’ because nothing special happened. Just good, daily life. How about you, how was your week? This is for Paint Party Friday ‘gouache trees’ ThemeArt September 2019 theme is ‘fifty’ This month I’ll ‘send’ all my entries to you with a ’50 stamp’ 🙂 •   Teemakuu-50

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summer’s over…

Hi everyone! It’s true, here in Finland summer is over! Is your summer over? The other day I picked last strawberries… We bought this hanging basket in June Three months we enjoyed these sweet berries… This week I’ve been painting with gouache, acrylics… ‘Trees with white flowers’ Paint Party Friday   ThemeArt September 2019 theme

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