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theme art-57 #5 by BLOGitse

“todays are packed”

Hi everyone! This week has gone like a wind 🙂 It’s been very sunny and beautiful spring time!   ThemeArt April 2020 challenge is ‘today’ TODAY I show you these quick ink and watercolor morning sketches and all six together Teemakuu-57 huhtikuun haaste on ‘tänään’ TÄNÄÄN tässä muutama aamun muste ja vesiväri pikamaalaus ja kaikki

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today was yesterday

Hi everyone! Everything ok? How’s your life today? I’m fine. Mostly at home, in the garden when weather is okay and inside painting and drawing. We do grocery shopping once a week, that’s it. Recent mornings I’ve been painted quick ink and watercolor sketches. ThemeArt April 2020 challenge is ‘today’ TODAY is yesterday’s quick sketch  

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today, today

TODAY, hey TODAY! ThemeArt April 2020 challenge is ‘today’ TODAY I hand out these Easter flowers to you   Teemakuu-57 huhtikuun teema on ‘tänään’ TÄNÄÄN ojennan teille nämä pääsiäiskukat Paint Party Friday   I’ll show you last week’s work when it’s ready. This is it this week. Relax, take care, be safe.  

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themeart-57 #1 by BLOGitse

today I ask you

to solve a problem… 🙂 ThemeArt April 2020 theme is ‘today’ TODAY I ask you: how should I continue this acrylic painting?   Teemakuu-57 huhtikuun teema on ‘tänään’ TÄNÄÄN kysyn teiltä: kuinka jatkan tätä akryylimaalausta? here’s a close-up I’ve been drawing/painting/studying… I want to learn how to play with colors… Paint Party Friday Snowdrops are

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