one word meme… yhden sanan meemi (vain englanniksi, sori!)

Nicole tagged me with the one word Meme.

The most difficult part of this meme is, that you can only answer the questions with

a single word.

Here we go:
1. Where is your cell phone? Pocket

2. Where is your significant other? Here

3. Your hair color? Weird

4. Your mother? Youthful

5. Your father? Dead

6. Your favorite thing? Life

7. Your dream last night? Ok

8. Your dream/goal? Many

9. The room you’re in? Work

11. Your fear? Crowds

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? There

13. Where were you last night? Bed

14. What you’re not? Empty

15. One of your wish-list items? Get-at-table

16. Where you grew up? Finland

17. The last thing you did? Thinking

18. What are you wearing? Clothes

19. Your TV? Works

20. Your pet? Bugs

21. Your computer? Good

22. Your mood? Happy

23. Missing someone? Yes

24. Your car? Sold

25. Something you’re not wearing? Earrings

26. Favorite store? Book

27. Your summer? Sunny

28. Love someone? Yes

29. Your favorite color? Turquoise

30. When is the last time you laughed? Now

31. Last time you cried? Today

The other part of the challenge is to nominate five people to take up the challenge on their own blogs.

Are you ready guys?

Mikä meemi on? Wikipedia sanoo… What’s meme? Wikipedia says…

0 thoughts on “one word meme… yhden sanan meemi (vain englanniksi, sori!)”

  1. AV; you are welcome! 🙂nicole&scriber’s; get-at-table (is in my dictionary) is like I can get it or opposite of unattainable…My wishes are so small/cheap/funny etc. that I can reach them…Huh. 🙂I’m waiting for the police…hopefully nice & good looking! hahahaha

  2. Grin, don’t we all love to do Memes 😛“Where have you been last night – bed”Cool answer 😀“One of your wish-list items? Get-at-table”What’s that?


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