Shadow Shot Sunday # 44

Shadow Shot Sunday # 44 (my first entry…)

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  1. Hey HEY HARRIET; thanks!I didn’t know how much time and energy it takes to visit so many new blogs (for me)!I have to continue today, tomorrow…GALLERY JUANA;nice to see you again!THE SUMMER KITCHEN INTERIORS;nice you visit my blog!I like simplicity!Oh, that rake – our garderner’s, now it’s totally broken! 🙂See you soon again!SYLVIA K; thanks!This was fun sss and a lot of work! huh! so many new blogs! 🙂CARIN; yep, simple like me! 🙂 hah…Nice to meet you!DIANNE; thanks! See you soon!This was fun first SSS but hard work to visit sooo many new blogs!Those I haven’t visited yet, wait, I’ll be there! 🙂

  2. Hello!! Thanks for stopping by – we too love how simple this is – it’s perfect! We had to giggle at the picture on your other blog of the rake….it is something both our husbands would do!!Thanks for joining in this week!!

  3. Good to see you in shadow shot sunday. This is a poetic shot. It fuels several words in my mind.My shadow shot post can be found here:< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Gallery Juana<>


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