Shadow Shot Sunday # 45: ‘ripply patterns’

there’s a kind of ‘pavilion’ next to our pool…this is the shadow of the ‘roof’…

12 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday # 45: ‘ripply patterns’”

  1. WHIZKID; thanks, nice you visited!ZENDOTSTUDIO; i visited your blog already but didn’t leave a comment. why? i spent too much time reading your blog and had to go. but i’ll be back! 🙂HEYHARRIET; eeeeels, eeeek! don’t say that! i’m not going to swim there anymore!!! eeeek!SHANNON; cool like the water 🙂GALLERY JUANA; hm…yea but i’d like to have your coal photo! want to swap?

  2. Eeeeek! There’s a bunch of electric eels swimming around in that pool! Seriously, that’s a great photo. The patterns in the water are quite hypnotic. If one can see past the eels of course 😉


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