work related stress, anxiety and depression… työperäinen stressi sivuoireineen ongelma myös Briteissä…

“Employers need to pay more attention to the levels of stress and anxiety in the workplace.
Bad managers were the single biggest cause of problems, the group claimed.
But it said simple steps such as giving positive feedback, allowing flexible working and giving extra days off as a reward could cut the impact by a third.
More than 13 million working days a year are lost because of work related stress, anxiety and depression.
Once the pay of staff, lost productivity and replacing ill employees are taken into account, the cost to employers hits £28.3bn a year.”
from BBC News

Do you have stress? Are you depressed?
Do you eat sleeping pills or other medication?
How’s your boss – supportive or not?

“Suomi ei ole yksin stressin ja mielenterveyden aiheuttamien työkyvyttömyysongelmien kanssa. 
Myös Ison-Britannian terveysviranomaiset kehottavat työnantajien kiinnittämään työpaikoilla entistä enemmän huomiota työntekijöiden stressiin ja huoliin, sillä työperäisten  mielenterveysongelmien aiheuttamat kustannukset ovat jo neljännes maan kaikista terveysmenoista.”
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Millainen pomo sinulla on – saatko kannustusta / tukea / voimaa häneltä?
Syötkö itse tai joku lähipiirissäsi työstressin tai -masennuksen takia lääkkeitä?

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    yep, but in many companies bosses are also too stressed,
    they’re responsible of the income,
    if the numbers are not good enough,
    they’re out.
    Pressure is terrible.
    Really difficult situation right now.
    All over the globe.

  2. HELJA
    thanks for sharing your story!

    We need to talk about this issue.
    Imagine how many depressed, stressed people there are but they try to go on day by day.

    Common sense would help a lot if people just stop and listen to themselves…

    Easy to say. If you show your weakness soon you might be out of work.

    But how productive semifit people are?


    Kiitos Helja omasta tarinastasi!

    Kuinka paljon ymparillamme onkaan ihmisia jotka voivat todella huonosti mutta asiasta ei voi puhua.
    Voi menna tyopaikka jos ei jaksa.

    Mutta eiko oma terveys ole tarkeinta koska jos terveys menee ei pian ole tyopaikkaa.

    Miten tuottava on ylistressaantunut ihminen?
    Millainen maara keskittymiskykya on masentuneella tai stressaantuneella tyossakayvalla?

  3. The biggest reason for me leaving my last job was my boss, who just did not have any people skills. When I put “work related illness” as the reason for leaving, she asked me to change it.

    The work itself was the “easiest” entry level job I have done in years, and after managing people myself over 10 years I enjoyed the job itself. It was nice to go to work, do the job and leave sharp at 17:15 (later 14:30). But how we were managed was a horrible joke.

    First I got so stressed that my blood pressure went to the sky. Then I started to panic and cry when I was approaching the work place then even when I saw the company logo on the tv. I spoke to the occupational health several times and the finally asked me to go to my own GP. He wrote me off immediately and I ended up having 10 weeks sick leave. Me – who had 4,5 sick days within 7,5 years in my previous job. The stress turned to burn out, burn out to depression.

    I did return to work and started to work part time, but after 5 months I was back on sick leave.

    After two months I am still on anti-depressants, but I haven’t need to take Xanax any more (at work 1-2 a day). I still can’t sleep properly, I get panic attacks etc. BUT my blood pressure is back to normal, and that is a good sign that I will recover.
    15 out of 22 who were there in May have left and regarding my poor colleagues who do not have a possibility to move nothing has been done.

    I have written more about this (in Finnish) in my blog.

    Asiasta suomeksi blogissani.

    why don’t people use up their leave? They don’t have time or what?

    A human being needs a break every now and then. Longer break.
    To recharge batteries.
    To be creative and productive again.

    and how many bosses simply don’t care about the people.
    Only thing what matters = $.
    Sad. Stupid.

  5. I agree that positive feedback in teh workplace could go a long way toward reducing stress. But simply adding extra days off may not. A surprising number of people don’t use up their leave every year.

    I am NOT one of those people. LOL


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