This is pure sh***** part 2.

This is pure sh***** part 2.
Here’s part 1.
Sorry if you’re new here and wanted something more sexier or naughty or ugly…
No, this is pure SH*****! = = = > S H A R I N G!
and something very special…Enjoy! 
The video is about 8 minutes but you do not see this kind of documentary every day, right? 

Voices of Cairo is a short film intended to act as a 
preview of Voices and Faces of the Adhan: Cairo
a feature length documentary film, audio archiving and multi-media installation project about the adhan, or call to prayer, in Cairo – 
a 1,400 year old oral tradition that has never been documented or recorded for historical study.

Voices of Cairo from On Look Films on Vimeo.

Using the adhan as the vehicle, Voices and Faces of the Adhan: Cairo
provides opportunity to broaden the understanding of the Muslim world in a contemporary social context.
Voices and Faces of the Adhan: Cairo
seeks to preserve and record Cairo’s muezzins and the adhans they recite in their entirety for the first – and only – time in history.
It is the mission of ON LOOK FILMS, by engaging and inspiring the viewer to reach across cultural divides, to help preserve 1,400 years of human history and contribute to a more peaceful world.

Anna Kipervaser

More about the film Voices and Faces of the Adhan

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    We all, people around the globe, are too
    “me & my world” focused.
    Every now and then it’s good to leave that and look around.
    There might be something to learn.
    Or something what makes us think.
    Stop for a minute and think.

  2. >>SIROKKO
    🙂 tuon videon kutsut on ihan jotain muuta mita keskimaarin kuulee. Taalla meidan nurkilla taitaa olla varsinainen kilpalaulanta koska muutamat kutsuvat kuin karjumalla…
    Koirat on niin fiksuja…

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    Sorry! LOL! I was so surprised that somebody noticed that!!! LOL!

    voi voi, tekniikka on ihanaa ja hankalaa…

    thanks! 🙂

    You’re welcome, my pleasure!
    ooooh, you’re really sweet telling me that you downloaded my picture, thank you! – enjoy! 🙂

    Isn’t it great how we can learn new things by blogging!? 🙂

    Thank you but I’m not accepting awards…The BEST award: comments and interaction with my followers! 🙂 I hope you understand…

    Great to see you again…I guess you don’t remember asking me that Baltimore question already… 🙂

    You make Anna happy too if you liked the post!

    Walking sticks > they call them POLEs – you use them when Nordic Walking…I’m going to post about Nordic Walking tomorrow! 🙂

    Anna is going to read comment…
    NORMALLY I don’t put here this long videos. This is a special case…

  3. Very interesting to watch, although a little long, it could perhaps be condensed, thus having a greater impact. Especially if a narrator read the message rather than have it written and blended in with the grays, making it difficult to read. Thanks for haring this. News to me.

  4. Thank you for posting this, I may never have found it myself.

    I also had not read your Sharing post, although I would have found it on your archives eventually.
    P.S. I did download the guitar image but only so I could study it and send a comment. 🙂 I do guitar images but not that well.

  5. I’ve always loved the soulful haunting melody of the call to prayer. It is amazing to hear it in it’s entirety. I can’t imagine how rich an experience you must be having living in the “cradle of western civilization.” Imagine a tradition remaining unchanged for 1400 years! It boggles my mind coming from the most youthful state in a youthful country where the ancient and beautiful traditions and songs indigenous to this land were lost (wiped out) long before any of us could benefit from them. Great post!

  6. Miellyttävä rukouskutsu siellä verrattuna meidän moskeijan kailotukseen.
    Koirakin ihmetteli, tunnisti laulun, katseli vuoroon viereistä moskeijaa ja tietokonetta, kuunteli korvat höröllä ja ihmetteli uudestaan.


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