4 x Casablanca sky…

24.4.2010 at 9:40 pm

8.5.2010 at 8:24 am

12.5.2010 at 7:08 am

rainy morning 14.5.2010 at 7:43 am

I thought it would be much warmer here this time of year…
but no, just about +20…
Actually it’s quite pleasant if you think that 
in Cairo it’s around +40 right now!
Hope you all have a good week ahead!
Get well soon Danny!

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  1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. And I do understand something of what you’re going through. I was lucky enough to have the company find a nice place for me… but I know a case of a French woman that came to Casa from Paris and searched the apartment for a pretty long time. She told me the horror stories of what’s all out there (and not for little money!). She wasn’t out for luxury or anything fancy, she just wanted something that’s clean and functional (which isn’t all that much to ask, but apparently is in Casablanca). With much patience she found it at the end.
    I wish the same for you, to be happy with your new place on Saturday. And to finally be in ease to really start appreciating Casablanca (in comparison to Cairo). All the best:)

    Welcome and thank you SITS fellow! 🙂
    I visited your blog – it’s really green and full of peace >>> we need both…a lot!

    Thank you! I read you bought a new camera. Enjoy!!!

    You’re right, some downsides…but now we hope everything goes smoothly. We’ve met some really nice, helpful people – I’ll never forget their support when I almost left the country…
    The plan is to move on Sat morning after breakfast…we’ll see… 🙂

  3. Wonderful photos!!!! 🙂 And good luck with the apartment! I see you’re having some downsides in locating an adequate apartment, but I really hope this doesn’t wear you out completely and you are still enjoying the plus sides of the city.
    (ps. If all goes good, I should be moving back to Casablanca until end of June.)

  4. Hello fellow SITS Girl! Wow – I LOVE your blog! I love the photos – they’re so lovely. I really enjoy reading blogs by others who reside in other countries – it’s such a cheap way to travel. I love the Middle East and North Africa too. I’ve got lots of friends from over there. Take care. Peace. 🙂

  5. >>TINA
    Just found out your blog is open again – great! We’re connected again! 🙂

    That picture is my favorite too! 🙂

    I agree…first thing I do in the morning, open the curtains, ‘hello Casa, how we’re doing today!’ 🙂

    Very different what you have on your blog! 🙂
    Thanks for your visit! and your comment > the best award blogger can get! 🙂

    LOL! Tuota aion kayttaa postauksessa! ja yhta kuvaa – yllatyt! 🙂

    >>MELISSA B.
    A lot to shoot but I’ve been around only a tiny little area of this city. When settled down I start exploring. Now all my energy and hope goes to finish our home hunting project and moving in…can’t wait…

    Wait until I get really wild! So much to see and shoot but now I’m not ready. I want our home hunting episode to finish and get my daily life back…
    Danny was my idol when I was a little girl… 🙂

  6. Wonderful pictures – makes me want to know the stories behind all the windows.

    I can’t wait to see what Casablanca looks like through your camera lens.

    I hope Danny recovers quickly – he was great looking.

  7. Vain yksi on ylitse muiden..tai onhan ne sentään kaksoset. Just sopivan lämmin parinkymmenen paremmalla puolen, ei vielä liian helle, täälläkin siis.
    Pinkeenä seurataan sarjaa BACS (Blogitse’s Appartement -coming soon).

  8. >>ALLU
    no p…le ollaan kun yksi emanta teki oharit – sai enemman vuokraa toiselta agentilta ja me jaatiin tyhjan paalle ja taas rumba alusta…
    Huomenna menen katsomaan uutta loydettya. Saa nahda onko se viela huomenna meille vai tekeeko tamakin omistaja oharin. (en kylla halua uskoa, sen verran mukava mies on – mutta toisaalta en kylla luota mihinkaan ennen kuin itse koen!)

  9. >>MYTHO
    I took all the pics from our hotel room…9th floor 🙂
    Summer in the City by Danny because he had a stroke and is now recovering…He was my idol when I was very young…

    Thanks! Taallakin on nyt aika lammin mutta helteesta en tieda…viela! 🙂

    Lahden just tohon altaan reunaalle testaamaan onko helle vai muuten vaan aurinkoista! 🙂
    25 siella ja kohta taas valitetaan kun on niin kuuma…


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