photos of the weekend #24

Just about landing to Helsinki airport..
20 people before me – buying a travel card…
(shot from a moving bus)
Helsinki is surrounded by sea…
New beginning…

Unknown Mami

21 thoughts on “photos of the weekend #24”

  1. Itä-Helsinkiin matkalla katsomaan mäntyjä. Mielenkiintoinen vastakohta noille Afrikka-jutuille. Paikat näyttää varmaan paljon kiinnostavammilta kun on aivan vastakkaisia vertailukohtia.

  2. Great photos!
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  3. Really great photos, I love how you've put the watermark on the arrow! Clever! Have fun, enjoy Finland, stay warm! Lucky you to get to travel so much!

  4. I might never get to physically travel there but I feel like I just went on a little journey there today : ) Thanks!

  5. Marvelous captures and I'm sure you've enjoyed your visit home, but I'm also sure you'll be happy to get back to the sunshine!! Love your shadow shot for the day! Have a great week!


  6. Thanks for the peak at Helsinki. It's nice to see a big city with good mass transportation. I wish we had more of that in Los Angeles,

    Happy SIMC,

  7. What a great series of photos! Helsinki looks so clean and lush and pretty! Enjoy your last week there and have a safe and happy trip home 🙂

  8. What a joy it must have been to arrive home, one can nearly feel the happiness. Nice to see a bit of the environment, which reminds me of home as well. Please enjoy the clean air and probably nice temperature as well.

    daily athens


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