photos of the weekend #26

houses in Casablanca, Morocco…
more or less new and expensive ones…
I haven’t seen this type of building method in Finland for years…or never!

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Unknown Mami

It’s midsummer weekend – enjoy long summer nights! Cheers!
Leppoisaa jussia kaikille jotka sitä viettävät! Kippis!

32 thoughts on “photos of the weekend #26”

  1. Eipä näyttänyt mitenkään erityisen Marokkolaiselta, melkein kuin olisi ollut jossain keski-Euroopassa. Olo oli lopuksi kuin kärväisellä kun kaffe oli niin lähellä!

    Thank you for your visits and comments!
    Incredible how time flies. Soon it's weekend again… 🙂

    Kiitos vierailuista ja kommenteista!
    En voi tajuta kuinka aika menee niin nopsasti ettei tunnit paivissa riita millaan! Kohta on taas viikonloppu… 🙂

  3. Morocco, huh? It looks very much like some areas of my town, but just a little bit different!

    Thanks for the tour – I think I went through the photos three or four times already. 🙂

    Kristin – The Goat

  4. If I didn't know better i'd have thought you were walking through parts of Los Angeles! Thanks for the tour.
    Happy SIMC,

  5. Wow the new buildings are very pretty! By the way, I just wanted to ask how to watermark our photo's? Is there a site that is free to do it? I am a victim of plagiarism and this blogger had the nerve to invite me to his/her site and there it is my entry in black and white copied, grrrrr!! Thanks for the space. Happy Sunday!

    Little Barn

  6. Your pictures reminded me of the apartments back home in India!! I lived in one of those!! Makes me miss my home country so much!!

  7. Thank you for sharing your city with us. That neighbourhood looks very elegant.

    And coffee always a must when sightseeing.

  8. An amazing range of city building styles! especially love the design of those black wrought iron curved balcony balustrades! They break the "flat" look of walls!

  9. This is a very nice neighborhood, elegant, stylish and sophisticated. You live in a beautiful city! The coffee is a morning treat!

  10. Thanks for the tour! I loved seeing all the apartments/houses! Marvelous captures and some great shadow shots! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!



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