EDITED version: your WOrds and my IMAges = WO*IMA #72

your WOrds of my IMAge #72:

Finnish sauna drink, you like it or you don`t. I don`t :).
Oh, I love my lonkero
day and night
night and day
feeling good!

I’m not positive what that is, 
but it looks like happy hour to me!
Sorry you don’t have midsummer in Casablanca, 
but you can drink a cold Hartwall anyway!!!

5.5% alkhool, looks soft… 😉

Thank you all!

Here’s a little information about this popular drink in Finland.
“In 1952, Finland was preparing to receive exceptional amounts of tourism connected to the Summer Olympics of that 
year. As a compromise following the Finnish prohibition (1919–1932), the country was living in an era of strict
state-controlled alcohol policy. In order to help the catering trade face a wave of foreign customers, the state 

allowed some liberalization and Alkoholiliike, the national alcoholic beverage retailing monopoly, introduced two 

brands of pre-mixed, bottled, ready-to-consume long drinks. These were the Gin Long Drink (gin with grapefruit) and 

the Brandy Long Drink (brandy with Pommac), then manufactured by Hartwall for Alkoholiliike. 

The latter product was 

discontinued in the 1970s, after which the term long drink became primarily associated with the gin-and-grapefruit 

beverage in Finland.”

I’m going to change the schedule of WO*IMA.
My IMAge(s) will be published on MONDAY and 
edited version with your WOrds on TUESDAY starting next week.

Next WO*IMA 
>>>Monday 4th of July<<<

See you then again!

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  1. >>ALLU
    Niin oli minullekin! En tiennyt, etta on niin pitkat ja 'urheilulliset' perinteet 🙂
    Taalla Casassa kipuilaan sailytystilan puutteesta…


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