stone houses in Casablanca…

…here’s the first one

No, not a church… 🙂
This is a cafe! Want to sit outside…
…or inside and watch FIFA World Cup?
Football is everywhere in this city right now…
Stone House cafe – traditional Moroccan cafe.
I’ve heard their pancakes/crepes are yummy with honey and butter!

How about bying a flat – here you are – for sale!
This house should be ready in the autumn…
What a surprise – European style kitchen! That’s cool!
This was the view from the balcony yesterday…
a grey, cloudy day but no rain…


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0 thoughts on “stone houses in Casablanca…”

    Please come! But not too much sugar…That cafe is 5 mins walk from our home…See you here and there! 🙂

    It's really nice to see clean places…too much rubbish is thrown on the streets – like in Cairo! I thought people knew better here but no…
    Why do they want to see their own city look so dirty? I don't understand…
    Lack of education at home I guess…That's where education starts…

    You're right but there are not thousands of hands!
    They build here 'by hand' and very old fashion way because labour is cheap.
    And we all know what that means…

    Please join me!
    I didn't know red makes you hungry.
    It's not common here to see this modern kitchens! That's why I had to take a photo of it…Normally kitchens are small and VERY unpractical. Planned by men I guess…oh man.
    I wonder if there are any Moroccan women who plan kitchens!!!

    Taalla palasokeria on montaa kokoa. Isommat ovat kuin 3-5 suomalaista palaa yhdessa!
    Nakyma EI ole meidan parvekkeelta vaan tuon myynnissa olevan talon yhdelta parvekkeelta. 🙂 Meidan parvekenakyma…hm…ehka postaan jossain vaiheessa 🙂

    Oh no. I don't follow FIFA cup that much yet. Maybe when they play finals…

    Come on, I'm sure we'd have a great time in that cafe! 🙂

    >>MELISSA B.
    Let me know when you come – I'll be waiting for you! 🙂

    Why don't you move to Finland? That would be adventure of your lifetime! 🙂

    Asunto tyydyttava – just ja just. Joka paiva koen huonoa omaatuntoa kun ei ole perinteista pesanrakennusfiilista. Meilla on liian vahan sailytystilaa enka suostu purkamaaan kamoja ja siirtelemaan niita jos/kun tilaa tulee lisaa kun ostamme kaappeja/hyllyja jne.
    Taalla puhutaan ja luvataan mutta mita saa on taysin eri juttu.
    Yleistaen 'kukaan' ei halua tehda mitaan mutta jokainen esittaa tarkeaa tai tyoteliasta. Suurin osa odottaa pomotusta ja vasta korotettu aani tai tarpeeksi ylhaalta tulevat kaskyt voi saada hetkeksi jotain toimintaa.
    Kunnes taas palataan samaan vanhaan.
    Asennevika. Noin sanoi yksi paikallinen. Se lahtee kuulemma jo kotoa, jatkuu koulussa ja opintojen parissa.
    Ainoastaan ne jotka ovat nahneet muutakin kuin taman tavan toimia tajuavat, etta muutoksen on tapahduttava.
    Eilen julkaistiin tietoyhteiskuntien paremmuuslista. Siina Suomi oli neljantena. Listalla oli monta pienta ja outoakin yllattajaa mutta Marokkoa ei parinsadan maan listalta loytynyt. Se kertoo aika paljon missa nykyaika taalla menee…

    Thanks for your visit and comment.
    In this city there are a zillion walls to tell stories…I hope to have time enough to shoot some of them.
    Hope to see you here again!

    wow, you're here! Now you know where to come this weekend. I'm going to post my weekend photos here starting this weekend… 🙂

  2. I love this close encounters with the buildings. Buildings are a reflection of the homeowners and also hold their stories. The cafe looks like a cozy homey corner to perch and watch passersby.

    I visited your pictures The Straight Connection too. You caught the moment so well.

  3. I just love living through your pictures. I will have to check out that list. Honestly, hubby and I would love nothing more than to live in a different country.

  4. Aivan ihana tuo ylimmäisten kuvien punertava kiviseinä. Tulee palasokeri mieleen.

    Hienot, upeat näköalat parvekkeeltanne!

    (Viitaten kommenttiisi blogissani: Minäkin pähkäilin juuri tänään rumaa maksaruoho-nimeä:)

  5. I'd love to sit at that cafe and have a coffee with you! I love the wood on the brick…
    Cool red kitchen….did you know red is used a lot in dining rooms/kitchens/restaurants because it supposedly entices your hunger?!
    Not interested in buying right now, but maybe a visit would be nice 🙂


  6. I really enjoyed this little tour! When I see a stone wall like that, I can't help but think of the thousands of hands required in chipping and breaking individual stones to make them fit, one by one, and to make a wall!


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