WELCOME to BLOGitse WP blogs!!!

YES, finally here! Welcome, welcome…

Welcome! Tervetuloa!

Cheers! Kippis! This is my MAIN BLOG.

I have two other blogs: PHOTOS and SUOMEKSI/IN FINNISH.

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This is the address to this MAIN BLOG:

>>>>>> http://www.BLOGitse.com <<<<<

PHOTOS: http://www.BLOGitse.com/photos

SUOMEKSI/IN FINNISH: http://www.BLOGitse.com/suomeksi

Don’t know how to do it? Here’s a video to help you…



Vihdoin täällä! Tervetuloa, tervetuloa! kippis ja kulaus!

Toivottavasti haluat jatkossakin lukea blogejani!

Helpoiten se käy tilaamalla feed. Oheinen video näyttää kuinka helppoa tilaaminen on!

Tämän pääblogin osoite on:

>>>>> http://www.BLOGitse.com <<<<<

Valokuvien osoite: http://www.BLOGitse.com/photos

Suomenkielisen blogin osoite on: http://www.BLOGitse/suomeksi

Kaikkia blogeja voi lukea myös tämän pääblogin kautta,

linkit ovat tuolla sivun yläreunassa oikealla

mutta postaukset tulevat automaattisesti Readeriin jos tilaat jokaisen blogin feedin erikseen.

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Olisi mukava kuulla sinusta – jätä viesti!

0 thoughts on “WELCOME to BLOGitse WP blogs!!!”

    • Tervetuloa takaisin! Huomasin readerista, etta olit kirjoittanut postin mutten ehtinyt viela lukea…Tulossa ollaan! 🙂 Kiitos kommentista!

  1. Tyylikkäältä näyttää! Ihmettelin omassa sivupalkissa mainostasi muuttamisesta kun ajattelin että olet IRL muuttanut. Selvisihän se kun vihdoin ehdin tänne katsomaan mistä on kyse 🙂 Onnea!

    • Hih, siksi laitoin otsikon jotta lukijoiden mielenkiinto heraisi. Milla muuten houkuttelisin ihmiset tanne kun ympari maailman on hirvea hiki! 🙂
      Kiitos ja tervetuloa uudelleen,
      mukavaa alkanutta viikkoa!

    • You’re welcome!
      Sharing rocks!
      Like your latest post – oh, boy how important points and I totally agree with you…

    • Thank you!
      I’m happpy you had time to visit and leave a comment! I liked your story on your blog a lot, thanks for sharing it!

  2. Ooops, I am having problems with adjusting. Too much information, and options. All I wanted to do was say’ HI!!”

    • Not a surprise! I added to the sidebar on every blog the name of the blog – these look too similar and even I was lost!
      In time the rhythm of posting will make surfing easier.
      I guess you’re different anon. – next time please give a nickname! 🙂
      Have a good week ahead!

  3. Sorry to be late to the party, but hope you got the case of wine I sent. Don’t open it just yet. I have to go and change my blog links. See ya soon!

    • You not late! It’s never too late to party here! 🙂
      Would be nice to know your nickname though…
      Have a good week ahead!

    • Kiitos kaynnista ja viesteista!
      Siella tama blogi blogilistassa nakyi kuten totesimme,
      mukavaa alkanutta viikkoa! 🙂

  4. Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat!! Congratulations on your new home!! I didn’t know that you could transfer ALL your posts with comments and all?
    Good job!!!
    Have a nice weekend!!!

    • Thhhhhank you! 🙂
      You can transfer but some of the job I have to do by ‘manually’ because some posts came double but not too many…
      I have here almost 600 posts – my plan is to check all of them later, not now though 🙂
      Some of the comments, only a few, didn’t follow but I hope I’ll get a zillion here!
      Have a great week ahead!

      • Wow, revising 600 posts is a monumental task! It certainly will keep me from wanting to move my blog – I’m so lazy! 😀
        THanks, and have a great week you too!

    • Kiitos!
      Kipattu on koko viikonloppu joten eikohan ole aika lopettaa biletys ja palata arkeen… 🙂
      Mukavaa on ollut! Olit taas ahkera bailaaja. En malta odottaa marraskuun selatysta…siinapa vasta bileet!

  5. Congratulations! Your new setup is looking good and has sure taken a major effort to complete. A good base from where to continue entertaining your audience 🙂 …us! Keep on rocking…the show must go on!

  6. Testing 1, 2, 3. Testing 1, 2, 3. Looking Good! Welcome you to your new Home! Looks like you have some new features like the cool menu on the right. Great for organizing your material. Must have been a challenge but you toughed it out and you’re up and running.

    • testing, testing…working! 🙂
      Nice to see you here – number one you are!
      It’s been challenging and many tiny things to remember and to check and double check…But here we are and only some finishing has to be done…


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