Why Blogger bloggers are so stubborn?

Why some Blogger bloggers are so stubborn?

Why is it so difficult to change your comment settings so that it would be

easy to leave a comment?

Why some of you give only google account option? Why, please tell me!

Why can’t you have Name/URL option?

That way we (other than Blogger bloggers)

would get linked to the right profile page at once.

Not via myopenID page or OLD Blogger profile page. That would save time – for all of us!

I’ve written about this 21.7.2010 here.

Or do you want to have comments from only those who are in Blogger? Please tell me!

Here are a few Blogger blogs which use EASY TO COMMENT options.

A great photographer Stickup Artist


She has Name/URL option.




As you can see I can choose which URL I use (I have 3 blog addresses).


That’s it!

No hassle with google/blogger account options!

(Blogger/google option gives me a WRONG link because my blog has moved.

That means that if somebody clicks that link she/he goes

first to my Blogger profile page and from there to my actual, correct blog address!

IF she/he is still willing to do that! )







Correct link

straight to the right place!

What’s bad about this option is that there’s no follow-up option.

Even if I get a reply from this blogger I don’t have no way to know about it.

Only option is to visit another time and check. That’s time consuming.

Lisleman has DISQUS.

When you start commenting

you sign into DISQUS and keep login

until you finish your commenting tour.

One login saves time and energy!







I’ve never experienced any problems with DISQUS.


Lisleman has a funny, great idea of one post and a lot of comments to that.

Check it out here!



Jayne has DISQUS too. What’s good about DISQUS is that you can follow-up comments.

If/when Jayne replies to my comment I get an email and can reply to her reply.

That’s called interaction!

Jayne is a great writer ! Check out her blog here!


IF you don’t want commenting to be easy for

other than Blogger bloggers

it would be great to know why not?

IF you want comments please make other than Blogger bloggers life easier, thank you!



Olen useampaa teita pyytänyt vaihtamaan asetuksia kommentointiasetuksiin. Koska niin ei ole tapahtunut oletin ettei kommenttini ole tärkeitä ja lopettanut sanomiseni.

Samoin suurin osa niistä jotka eivät enää kommentoi täällä millään kielellä vaikka tietävät Suomen kieleni sujuvan vallan hyvin edelleen, näkemiin.

Sääli, sillä moni blogi oli kiva seurata. Joitakin olen seurannut melkein kaksi vuotta jonka olen tässä kuussa bloggausta harrastanut.

Ajat muuttuu. Niin myös bloggaaminen.

Yhä useampi lukee posteja Readerin kautta eikä vaivaudu kommentoimaan.

Moni odottaa saavansa kommentteja muttei itse vaivaudu näkemään samaa vaivaa.

Aina ei tarvitse olla syvällistä sanomista. Ihan niin kuin ‘oikeassa elämässä’ voi vaan sanoa moi! hyvää päivän jatkoa… Vai oletko törmännyt johonkin ihmiseen joka suhtautuisi nyrpeästi jos moikkaat?

Yksipuolinen monologi ei bloggaamisessa ole minun juttuni.

Jos olisi, sulkisin kommenttiosion kokonaan.

Toivotan kaikille entisille blogitutuille hyvää jatkoa!

Ne joiden blogeja edelleen seuraan: kommentteja tulee kunhan tästä ehdin! 🙂


0 thoughts on “Why Blogger bloggers are so stubborn?”

    • 🙂 Kaikkea sita oppii kun blogeja lukee…Se mita mielta kuka maaraa mika on muotia tai ei on mielenkiintoinen juttu. Jenkeista se(kin) tulee.
      Mina aion myos jatkossa toivotella tutuille viikonloppuja ja viikkoa tai mita tulee mieleen – kunnes bloggaaja laittaa meilin ettei enaa halua sellaisia viesteja! 🙂
      Toisia ymmarran ilman meiliakin ja olen hiljaa 🙂 Yritan ainakin oppia!

  1. When I comment, if I can I use the ‘open ID’ option …. the first time I type in my URL I copy it, so after that I only have to paste it – this is the quickest way to do it, and it provides a link to my blog. I get frustrated if I get comments that take me to a profile and I then have to find the blog concerned. I don’t reply to every comment I get (I just don’t have enough time) but I do try to answer specific questions. I don’t have ‘word verification’ on my blog — in almost 500 posts I think I have maybe 5 spam comments.

    • ooops, and I get 20-30 spam comments per day! I post about this tomorrow…
      I tried to leave a comment on your blog but submit and preview were ‘frozen’. Nothing happened. The second blog today it happened…
      OpenID does NOT link straight to the blog, it goes to OpenID page where you have to click again…………..I just checked when I left my comments to you via OpenID! 🙂

  2. You know I had Disqus on my old blog and I am so used to it that I kept it when I switched to WordPress. I really like it, but many Blogger bloggers don’t like it and think it’s a hassle because they have to sign in. What they don’t take into consideration is that in order to use the Blogger commenting system you also have to sign in and it’s not friendly to people not on Blogger.

    • So. Either way it’s extra work….Like in a battlefield – which one gives up! 🙂 Or Blogger bloggers enjoy their own company, they don’t need us! 🙂
      I really like Disqus…

  3. First, you are hilarious. Secondly, I use wordpress and I don’t think this is an issue for people leaving comments on my blog. I have noticed it on other blogs…I do have a google account but it’s so much easier not to have to type all that in. Finally, you have made me nervous about you coming to visit my blog and being angry about what you see…lol I love your honesty and passion in your posts! ~Kimberly

    • LOL! 🙂 Let’s see how angry I’ll be! 🙂

      I have only one way to live my life: to be honest. Sometimes I can not choose the best or right words but I can not or will not pretend to be something else.
      Passion. I love that word! 🙂

      Now I start blog hopping. I want to visit all those bloggers who have left a comment here…

      So. See you soon!!!! 🙂

  4. Not sure why some blogger blogs don’t have it. (Name/URL) Mine has it. I just checked back thru my design and setting functions and didn’t see any listed option for either adding or deleting the name/url function. When I set up my site, it seems it was just there.

    • I’m not that pro but if I remember right you can choose also for ALL templates Google/Blogger option only…
      Means one can leave a comment only with google/blogger account name…THAT is the biggest broblem and the other one is to have ‘only registered’ option which means extra work for those who have self-hosted blog like me. (we need to have openID open while commenting. I have to go first to openID page > sign in > to the blog where I want to leave a comment. Sometimes Blogger is in a bad mood and I have to sign in again. So it’s a big hassle for a short period of time what it takes to leave a comment…)

      Are you blogging again?

  5. Greetings from Namibia – I’m here by way of lisleman’s blog, A Few Clowns Short.

    I can only speak for myself but, to answer your question: “Or do you want to have comments from only those who are in Blogger? Please tell me!” …

    When I first started using Blogger my comments section was open to anyone, requiring only my approval, but after being overwhelmed with spam comments and obnoxious comments from always ‘Anonymous’ persons I changed the settings to accept comments only from registered users, including Open ID – that solved the problem and I’ve managed to attract a small circle of blogging friends who regularly comment.

    Quite frankly, as mine is not a commercial blog, I’m not interested in attracting hundreds or thousands of comments or followers – I know of one blogger who posts great stuff and has over 1,700 followers yet he only gets between 4 and 8 comments per post, the reason being, in my opinion, that he never replies to any of the comments posted – there’s no personal touch.

    I don’t like Disqus because I’ve had problems using it to comment on other peoples blogs and also, I don’t want to complicate things for my circle of friends who comment regularly.

    Anyway, with the new Blogger ‘comments’ tag which is supposed to filter spam and, after reading this informative post of yours, I’ve decided to change my comments settings back to accept feedback from anyone – I’ll see how it goes in the next few weeks …



  6. I don’t particularly care for Disqus because I have trouble commenting from my phone and it seems like every few months there’s some sort of glitch and it won’t accept my login. But overall, not to many of my blogging friends use it, so I can just read their blog and comment when I get home.

    What bothers me most is when people have blocked their email addresses so that when they do comment on my blog, I can’t reply to them via email.

    This has nothing to do with comments, but one of my number one rules is that I don’t read blogs with a black background and white words because it’s so hard for me to read. Usually I just read your posts in my Google Reader, where it’s generic and then I don’t comment at all. Thankfully you do have a white comment section. That helps.

    Kristin – The Goat

    • I don’t use phone at all.

      I don’t understand why to response with email? Only if I want to follow comment chain I click follow up.
      If all those blogs I leave a comment would send me an email response – oh, boy! That would be terrible! I get too many emails anyway…

      You’re not the only one who doesn’t like black background.
      I’m sorry but not going to change it because
      normally I post more pictures than words…and pictures look good on black. Or I think so.

      But this is interesting topic…why is that some people are irritated of black background?
      Something to do with eyesight?

  7. Nyt mina kavin muuttamassa niita asetuksia. En oikein kylla ymmartanyt (tyhma mina), etta minka niista vaihtoehdoista valitsen, mutta laitoin rek kayttajat, sis open id, kohtaan ketka voivat kommentoida. Liekko se oikein?

    Vaikka olet juuri tasta minulle yrittanyt mainita aikaisemmin, vaan enpahan ole tajunnut koko juttua. Tarkoitus ei ole kylla ollut estaa kenenkaan kommentointia. Tai no joo, sain eraan todella torkean anonyymikommentin eraassa vaiheessa ja sitten vaihdoin kommenttien tarkistukseen ennen julkaisua, mutta se on vahan eri juttu.

    • MIKSI vaadit rekisteroitymista?
      Se tarkoittaa: joudun avaamaan openID:n jotta voin kommentoida SEKA linkki menee openID sivulle EI blogiin kuten se menisi jos on Name/URL vaihtoehto.

      Kuten olen usein jo maininnut Name/URL vaihtoehto EI vaikuta moderointiin eli tuon vaihtoehdon takia et saa yhtaan vahempaa tai enempaa spammia.

      Huomaatko muuten kuinka kaikki kommentin jattaneet ovat Bloggerin kayttajia?

      Jos olet lukenut tata viestiketjua niin moni on sanonut ettei viitsi nahda vaivaa.

      Jos bloggaaja tekee kommentoinnin liian vaivalloiseksi moni luovuttaa koska on toisia blogeja joita voi lukea ja kommentoida vaivattomasti.

      Sorry mutta ei futaa viela.
      Kun ja jos vaihdat Name/URL vaihtoehdon, kerro!
      ps. saat varmaan apua (jos tarve) joltain jolla tuo Name/URL vaihtoehto on kaytossa…

  8. I see this is a HOT topic!
    It’s dinner time in Casablanca. I’ll answer to your comments later today or tomorrow morning…

    I always (if not forgotten by accident) visit and leave a comment if I get a comment.
    Even if I didn’t have much to say it’s POLITE to thank – don’t you think so?

    Enjoy your evening/day/morning… 🙂

  9. I agree!

    There have been blogs that I wanted to comment but I didn’t because of this issue.

    To me they are basically saying that they don’t want me to comment or follow them. I’m not going to follow a blog that I can’t comment on!

    • I’ve met far too many with this issue and thought that maybe most of those bloggers don’t KNOW they have that kind of settings why they don’t get as much comments as they would if the settings were different.

      Most of the Blogger blogs have Blogger blogger’s comments.
      I think WP or other platform users are tired like you and have given up.

      I try to wake up people…but I can not change anybody…

  10. Thanks so much for the shout-out. I’m going to do a short post about this on my other blog “A Few Clowns Short”.

    This is a very good write-up with screen shots. You put a good amount of work into this and blogosphere will be better for it – if bloggers will read it.

    all the best

    • A short?! Why short??!! LOL! 🙂 kidding…

      “If bloggers will read it” AND if they are interested to do something! 🙂

      Together we might get better results than you or me alone!
      Networking rocks! 🙂

    • Kysymys ei ole tyhmyydesta.
      Jos menet bloggerin comment settings sielta loytyy erilaisia vaihtoehtoja.
      Siita tassa on kysymys.
      Sinun kommenttiasetuksesi on ok koska voin kirjoittaa Name/URL vaihtoehdolla > linkki (BLOGitse otsikko kommenttini ylapuolella, ikoni vieressa harmaa) on aktiivinen SUORAAN valitsemaani blogiin.

      JOS tuota vaihtoehtoa ei olisi BLOGitse vieressa olisi ORANSSI B-logo, BLOGitse teksti olisi sininen ja linkki veisi bloggeriin eli VANHAAN blogiini. Ja sita en halua! Haluan jossain vaiheessa kokonaan eroon Bloggerista. Siksi en halua sinne liikennetta vaan kaikki suoraan tanne…huh, selvisko yhtaan peremmin? 🙂

  11. I wonder if the comment hassles are one reason some people only lurk and don’t leave comments. I had to get a Blogger account, even though I blog at Wordpress, just so my comments could be traced back to me.

    • You only need Blogger account with those bloggers whose comment settings are for others to comment Google/Blogger account only > if you want to comment that blogger demands you to have either google or Blogger account.
      THAT is the biggest problem…

    • They might think but changing the settings DOES NOT affect moderation. You can still have word verification etc.
      I guess people don’t KNOW what all those settings mean for OTHERS who are leaving comments….Too much work! 🙂

  12. I read an article lately about blogging and the author claims to comment on 500 blogs a day to build up her readership. That’s intense. She didn’t say the percentage that responded back. That would have been an interesting stat.

    I also want to thank you again for your continuing support and friendship. You have made my blogging experience so rewarding!

    • ONLY way to get interaction is to be active OR celebrity! 🙂
      Most of social media gurus have started from zero. But if you’re active and really care about people and what you do, it will be rewarding. But it means hard work.
      I lost most of my readers when I moved to WP. Only way to get them back (and to get new readers) is to show them that I follow them, read and COMMENT. 🙂 We all love comments or we could close our comment section – right!? 🙂
      Thanks for your kind words…snif! 🙂

  13. I wasnt aware of this, I will check mines. Are there also easier way to comment on your blog ( or other .com ones) without filling the boxes everytime? When I am on a lazy mood, mostly I am skipping leaving comments to them.

    • Normally if I DOUBLE click the name, web site etc. they pop up automatically! Not if I haven’t been on a blog before or if I have cleared all the settings….
      When I come to Blogger blog > I click Name TWICE and it will show BLOGitse. Then I go on top of URL section, double click and it shows my all 3 address possibilities and I choose which one I want to use.
      The same DOUBLE clicking works with .com too if you have visited the site with the same browser before…
      That saves a lot of time!!!

  14. No minä olen kyllä sellainen bloggaaja, että joskus jaksan kommentoida, joskus en. Joskus haluan vain lukea, eikä tule mieleeni edes kommentoida, jos ei ole asiaa – paitsi joskus saatan jotain sanoa silti.

    Mutta minulle se (kommentointi) ei ole itsetarkoitus enkä tosiaankaan odota, että minullekaan kommentoidaan. kukin saa itse valita.

    Jos en sillä hetkellä ole kommentointituulella, niin en kommentoi ja that’s it. En ala kommentoida kenenkään mieliksi, koska minulle bloggaaminen ja blogien lukeminen on harrastus, jonka pitää olla mukavaa eikä mitään pakkopullaa tai ”naimakauppaa”.

    Joskus minulla on myös kausia, kun en jaksa/ehdi/ei huvita pahemmin blogeissa kierrellä. Elämä menee sykleissä ja minä teen mitä teen. Enkä aio jatkossakaan ottaa stressiä, vaikka kaikki maailman ihmiset heivaisivat minut listoiltaan 😉 En siis aio muuttaa tapojani sinunkaan suhteen – sekin on valinta. 🙂

    • Tiedan kaiken tuon! 🙂
      En minakaan heivaa sinua mihinkaan koska kommentointi blogissasi futaa…. 🙂
      En vaan tykkaa siita kun olen postikierroksella hyva fiilis paalla, kommentti valmiiksi rustattu ja vasta sitten huomaan etta vaatii sita tai tata…Normaalisti avaan openID ja Disqus valmiiksi (aina en muista) mutta google kiukuttelee ja joudun joskus sign in openID:n useamman kerran ja se jos mika on rasittavaa. Suurin ongelma on siis blogit joissa on VAIN google account sidonnainen kommentointimahdollisuus…..Onneksi niita on vahan mutta isolla kierroksella niita osuu tielle liian useita!
      Mukavaa tiistain jatkoa!

      • Heippa taas. Juutuin nyt pohtimaan tuota mielipidettäsi siitä, että voi vain mennä jonkun blogiin sanomaan ”moi” ja ”hyvää päivänjatkoa” tmv. jos ei muuta tule mieleen.

        Kysyit: ”Vai oletko törmännyt johonkin ihmiseen joka suhtautuisi nyrpeästi jos moikkaat?”

        Itse asiassa minun täytyy tunnusta, että en välttämättä kaipaa tuon kaltaista kommentointia blogimaailmassa. En siis kaipaa sellaisia omaan blogiini (en tosin suutu enkä edes häiriinny, jos niin tehdään) enkä aio itse jättää tuollaisia tervehdyksiä jatkossakaan toisten blogeihin.

        Jos ei jaksa kommentoida tai oikein tule mieleen mitään, mutta silti haluaisi jotenkin osoittaa lukeneensa tekstin, sen voi sanoa suoraan esim. en osaa tähän sanoa mitään, mutta luin jne. Yleensä siinä voi tulla jopa jotain mieleen. Noin minulle käy usein.

        Jotenkin kokisin käytökseni moukkamaiseksi, jos menen jonkun blogiin vain moikkailemaan enkä vaivautuisi kommentoimaan itse blogitekstiä/kuvia tmv. mitenkään. Ajattelen, että bloginpitäjä ansaitsee tulla kuulluksi.

        Tarkoitan tällä sitä, että hän jakaa tekstinsä (eli pitää puheensa) ja vierailijat ovat kuulijoita. Olisi aika röyhkeää olla noteeraamatta toisen puhetta lainkaan. Jos ei kerta kaikkiaan tule mitään sanottavaa mieleen itse tekstistä tai ei jaksa paneutua kommentointiin, niin ei se hiljaisuus niin paha asia ole mielestäni.

        Mielestäni kuulumisten kyselemiset eivät myöskään kuulu blogeihin – kukin kertoo juuri niin paljon kuin haluaa ja jotkuthan eivät edes halua sen kummemmin kertoa itsestään tai asioistaan.

        Nämä ovat siis vain minun käsityksiäni bloggaamisesta ja kerroin ne siksi, että täällä blogistaniassa varmasti on paljon ihmisiä, joilla on ihan perustellut syyt käyttäytyä siten kuin käyttäytyvät eikä sitä kannata ottaa henkilökohtaisena loukkauksena tai kiinnostuksen puutteena. 🙂

        Nyt toivottelen hyvää yötä sinulle ja menen sänkyyn lueskelemaan. En tosin tiedä onko siellä nyt yö vai päivä vai mikä, mutta ajatushan se on tärkein 😉

      • Ilmaisin asian ehka huonosti.
        Minun pointtini on: jos jotain blogia seuraa niin kylla tikusta voi vaantaa lauseen, jotta bloggaaja tietaa minun kayneeni kylassa.
        Se sanooko hyvaa paivan jatkoa tai etten osaa sanoa mitaan jarkevaa ei mielestani ole oleellista.

        Oletko seurannut kuinka suuri osa meista bloggaajista kommentoi tyyliin (vain siis yksi esimerkki):
        mina kirjoitan vaikka mummun vanhasta kasilaukusta.
        Vierailija sanoo: voi miten kaunis. Sen jalkeen alkaa pitka rimpsu tekstia joka ei millaan tavalla liity MINUN mummuni vanhaan kasilaukkuun vaan LUKIJAN omaan kokemukseen eli mihin han voi samaistaa jotain elamastaan tai itsestaan kuvastani/kirjoituksestani.
        Oleellista ei siis ole mita bloggaaja nayttaa/kirjoittaa vaan miten lukijat siihen voivat samaistua tai heijastaa omaa tilannettaan tavalla tai toisella.

        Mielestani elaman suuria rikkauksia on kysymykset. Niiden kautta voi oppia uusia asioita, saada tietoa tai tuntemaan ihmista paremmin. Se vastaako ja miten kysymyksiin on taas vastaajan asia.
        Toisen ihmisen paan sisaan on mahdotonta tunkeutua. Jotta saan selville syvemmin mita han ajattelee teen kysymyksia. Vuorovaikutuksessa, kysyn, kuuntelen, kerron jne. syntyy (jos syntyy) parempi ymmarrys toista kohtaan.
        Joskus ei auta vaikka toinen vaantaisi rautalangasta. En vaan ymmarra hanta. Ei tapahdu kovin usein mutta joskus.

        Yhdesta asiasta olen kanssasi eri mielta.
        Bloggaaja joka ei odota kommentteja pitaa kommentilootan kiinni. Siis jos han ei valita sanooko joku jotain tai ei.
        Silloin ihminen kirjoittaa henkilokohtaista tekstia mutta syysta tai toisesta haluaa sille julkisen foorumin.
        Miksi joku haluaa yksityiselle julkisen foorumin? Joku kirjoittaa kirjaa ja saa julkaisusta konkreettisen nakyman milta teksti nayttaa tai han seuraa kuinka paljon tekstia luetaan > olisiko mahdollisella kirjajulkaisulla lukijoita.
        Tiedan pari bloggaaja joista toinen on jo pitkaan kayttanyt matskuaan kirjoissaan (kommenttiloota kiinni).
        Toinen tyostaa ensimmaista kirjaansa blogikirjoitustensa pohjalta (hanen kommenttilootansa ei ole ollut kiinni).

        Meita bloggaajia on moneen junaan niin kuin ihmisia tuolla oikeassa elamassa.
        Yksi tykkaa aidista ja toinen tyttaresta.
        Kaikille varmaan loytyy oma yleisonsa. Ja totta tosiaan – jokainen bloggaa tyylillaan…

        Toivottavasti nukuit hyvin! 🙂

      • Okei, kiitti rautalangasta – got it. Ajattelin lähinnä sitä, että itse tuntisin itseni vähän pöllöksi, jos vaikka kommentoisin sinun käsilaukkupostaukseesi sanomalla vain jotain tyyliin ”mitä kuuluu kukkuluuruu” 😀

        Totta kai, jos EI HALUA kommentteja, se on estetty. Se on eri asia kuin velvoittaa ihmiset kommentoimaa esim. sanomalla, että lopetan blogisi seuraamisen, jos et koskaan kommentoi minun blogissani. Kun on kuitenkin niitäkin, jotka eivät koskaan kommentoi. Luen useita blogeja ja niiden joukossa on myös sellaisia, joihin en ole muistaakseni ikimaailmassa jättänyt kommenttia.

        Minun motiivini siis kommentoimiselle ei ole se, että yritän haalia omaan blogiini vierailijoita.

        Nukuin ihan hyvin ja nyt tekisi mieli mennä nukkumaan, mutta olen päiväunikiellossa 😀

      • Mina seuraan muutamia joille jatan kommentteja mutten koskaan saa heilta kommentteja. Ihan ok.
        Riippuu taysin minkasisaltoisesta blogista on kyse.

        Mina taas innostun ihan hirveasti jos saan kommentteja! Koen sen palkitsevana.
        Tarkoitan tuolla: mina jatan kommentteja aika paljon paivittain. Kylla olisi mahdottoman yksipuolista ja tylsaa jos keneltakaan en saisi vastakaikua.
        En tietty ketaan ‘pakota’ (milla edes voisin?) mihinkaan. Jokainen bloggaa lopulta juuri niin kuin itselle parhaaksi sopii.
        Ei maailma ole kaatunut siihen etta minut on jatetty eika se tule kaatumaan siihen jos mina jatan jonkun.

        Moni bloggaaja lopettaa koko touhun sanomatta sanaakaan…Sitten ihmettelen kun mitaan ei kuulu pitkiin aikoihin ja selviaa ettei koko blogia enaa ole tai sita ei ole paivitetty viikkoihin/kuukausiin.
        Meita on siis moneen junaan…

        Mielestani bloggaus elaa muutenkin nyt murroksessa. Ihmiset lukee blogeja paaosin readerin kautta ja blogikommentoiminen on selvasti vahentynyt.
        Olen lukenut muista blogeista samaa eli en ole yksin tai mieti vain itsekseni naita juttuja… 🙂

        Mina nukuin huonosti. Hirvea hikiaalto iski 4 aikaan aamulla ja puoli 5 nousin ylos kun uni ei enaa tullut…Tasta tulee pitka paiva! 🙂

  15. Lol! I now understand your comment in my blog! haha Yes, you are right, giving all the different options makes everyone’s blogging a lot easier!
    What I like here in your blog, is that you can reply directly on the visitor’s comment window and everything looks neater that way! I’d love to have that on Blogger…. sigh…… 😀

      • I noticed – left a comment already!!! Well done! 🙂
        It was so easy…I had Disqus open so it was very quick, just wrote and clicked post and it was done.
        People will learn how to use it, don’t worry…it might take some time but don’t panic! 🙂

      • Too late warning me not to panic but I have 2 questions:
        1) can u import your old comments pre-DISQUS are are they lost forever?! (lower lip quivering, eyes tearing up…..)
        2) when u approve a comment – does it take a while until it shows or is it automatic? I can just see one of your comments and my reply but not the other two you sent (on my blog, I mean).

        (lower lip quivering, eyes tearing up.. about to call out for mum….. haha)

  16. Sadly I can’t use Disqus from my phone, so om Disqus blogs I can only comment if I’m at home. Personally, to reduce spam I have to have either login, moderation, or word verification. I assumed login was least painful – but I didn’t know you had problems with openid… 🙁

    • openID. Example: I do blog hopping leaving comments. I open myopenID. It normally works ok even with those blogs which are only google optioned. But sometimes I have to sign in several times. Imagine having a good flow and suddenly it stops because of google option. I give up. I’m too tired to sign in again and again just because
      a) bloggers don’t know
      b) don’t care
      c) don’t act even if I’ve told them…
      What’s the point? If a Blogger blogger is happy it’s me who makes the decision, that blogger doesn’t need my comments. Dot.

      I just opened your blog comment option. Because you have ONLY google account and openID option, NOT Name/URL and openID option it makes commenting hard.
      If I want to leave a comment > I have to open myopenID > leave a comment BUT the link will be to my openID page NOT to my blog as it would be if you had Name/URL option. Name/URL option DOES NOT make any difference to your moderation options….
      After that (if not commenting another blog) I have to sign out from openID.
      I’d love to follow and comment your blog but it’s too much trouble, I’m sorry. (There might be a lot of people who don’t leave comments because of this hassle…)
      IF you change your settings please let me know and I’ll be back!

      I get spam, a lot. That’s why I have word verification and check every comment before published.
      I don’t need Viagra or get my penis longer or stronger neither!!! 🙂

  17. Mina en varmaan ole muuttanut mitaan asetuksia. Luulen. Taytyy katsoa, kunhan on enemman aikaa. Lahden tasta tunnin sisalla toihin ja laittelen ensin evaita, kaytan koiria ulkona, pesen koiranpissaa lattialta jne. Mietin juuri, etta olen ollut todella huono kommentoimaan ja valilla lukemaankin toisten blogeja viime aikoina. Tiedan hyvin mihin aika on mennyt. Ja entista kiireisempaa tulee, kun en edes viikonloppuina ehdi istumaan koneelle kuin varastettuja hetkia: lahdemme etsimaan lampaita vuorilta lauantaina 🙂 tai pitaisiko olla 🙁 (siina sita vasta kuntoilua tulee).

    Etta seli-seli selittelen… 😉

    • Olen suora suomalainen ja vastaan kylla. Olet yksi heista.
      Mutta tassa tilanteessahan se ei haittaa mitaan koska tulet olemaan kiireinen – sina et ehdi bloggailemaan joka tapauksessa! Minulle bloggailu on kahden kauppa. Molemmin puolin annetaan ja saadaan. Yksipuolinen vierailu ei kiinnosta kuin asiantuntijablogeissa.
      Kerro kun asetukset muutettu ja kiireet ohi niin tulen moikkaamaan!
      Minullahan ei muuten ole mitaan sinua tai ketaan muutakaan bloggaaja vastaan vaan kyse on meidan kaikkien valinnoista.

      Onnekasta lampaiden noutoretkea! Siella teilla vasta on mahtava luonto ja puitteet pitaa elaimia hyvissa olosuhteissa!!! Hyva teita!!! 🙂

  18. Hey there! Thanks so much for the shout out. That was so sweet! I tried when I built my blog to go through the preliminaries slowly and carefully as it was important that the viewer/commenter had the best and easiest experience that blogger offered. Glad I choose the right options!

    The wordpress photoblog templates are mighty impressive. I like them better than blogger but I’m still attached to my “first born.”

    I think you have a natural talent for blogging and internet networking. Some of us are quite shy and need to be coaxed out of our shell a little.

    Thanks for the great topics and the good lessons on interacting virtually!

    • Shy? If you mean shy to ask or shy networking what’s the best platform than internet! This is GIVE and GET. In that order.
      If I give first – a comment – I might get one back. Or not. Too many visitors don’t say a word.
      Last weekend I left a comment to about 150 blogs. I got traffic okay but not even 1/3 left a comment to me. I just wonder why!?

      WIth time we get blogger friends who will come and say hi! even if we don’t have time visit them or not feeling well. They know that the connection is there.

      I’m one of the first of your followers. I have not commented your every post but almost! 🙂 You know I’ll be back!

      All those who ‘know me’ know that I’m very loyal. But it’s not fun if turns to be that I’m the only loyal one….Have had that enough in real life. People are too busy with their lives. No time to call, text, email, nothing. Then it means I’m not important in their life if 1 minute is too much time to say: “hi, I’m busy but I wanted to say hi, HI! :)”

      • I had that happen with one blog I followed… There were only two of us that ever commented — for over a year, yet the account had FB, Twitter, good posts, etc… but there was NEVER a response to the comment, either on the blog or in an email… it was like shooting into outer space… I can understand being a newbie, but most of us are over 21… and, if you can blog, you can figure out how to respond to a comment… that said, I would say my experience with my followers and readers has been very positive and I’m delighted with anyone who stops by and says ‘howdy’ or whatever they usually say to greet someone… so, come visit when you can…

      • I know couple of bloggers whose comment option is off. They write their blogs more like a novel or newspaper.
        One of them publish his writings parts of his books…
        That’s clear for me and I just enjoy reading his articles.

        If a blogger says it’s not important to get comments why to have comment option on?

        If a blogger doesn’t response to comments that’s impolite. (I mean ‘us’=ordinary bloggers, not community hosts etc.)

        For me ‘howdy’ is better than silence… 🙂

        I’ll visit your blog later today! 🙂

  19. word verification is my biggest pet peeve…hate it….but i understand…
    i dont particularly care for discus…maybe i am using it wrong, but i always have to put my stuff in again and again…ack.

    • Man… if I get 20-30 spam messages with Viagra or other ‘man issues’ per day…I want and need to be protected! 🙂
      Disqus. Why do you have to put your stuff in again and again? If you login before commenting you should be able to comment without any problems and
      as many blogs as you want and log out when done.
      I haven’t had any problems with Disqus (so far!)….

  20. Thanks for the shout-out, my friend, and I couldn’t agree with you more. The interaction is what makes blogging and commenting fun. I wish everyone would get Disqus. When I leave a comment on a blog that just has the regular crappy Blogger system, I don’t know if I’ve been replied to or not because who has time to back to all the blogs you’ve left comments on to check and see?

    Even if you don’t have Disqus as your own system, you can still hook your URL up to it so those of who do can easily just click on your name and visit you back. Here’s a very simple tutorial. Give it a go!


    • When I was in Blogger I used to follow almost every single comment…sometimes we had great comment chains but…Blogging is not the same what it was when I started 2 yrs ago. Now it’s too much me-me-me, like there’s no world out of the box.
      On the other hand I notice how this kind of topic makes people to say something – which is great! For me blogging is interaction – not only about me and my tiny world…I want to know and learn what’s going on ‘out there’…
      Thanks for your comment!

  21. Hi Blogitse…
    I hope this isn’t me?! I am not sure if it is easy for you on my blog or not…please leave a comment and let me know.
    I think you should realize that some of us are not even aware of this…
    I personally do not even think about how people can or can not comment…


    • NOT you! 🙂 No problem at all! But if you had Disqus it would be great!!!
      When I was in Blogger nobody told me!!! That’s why I keep this noise. I hate it when things are unspoken, sweeped under the rug.
      All the best for your new location! 🙂

  22. Hi there!! Thanks so much for your visit!! I appriciate the kind words!! I also LOVE this post!! I think I modified my settings correctly based on your post….I also hate the whole verification…

    Thanks for the info….it was a HUGE help!! I look forward to following your blog!!!! xo Amy

    • hmm…Why you’re anonymous if ‘we know’, I visited your blog and you’re going to follow me? Sorry but maybe I miss something here…

  23. Sorry but the comment-tracker I was talking about was something I was using maybe 5 years ago and I can’t remember what it was called – in the end I decided it was more trouble than it was worth.

    You mentioned something though about when you comment via blogger-profile it leads people to your old blogs – with several blogger-identities what I do is to give a link in my profiles to my most relevant blogs.

    some folk complain they want to leave links to a specific posts rather than their blog but generally I prefer to look at a whole blog as often it is an older post that spurs me to make a comment.

    • ‘via blogger-profile it leads people to your old blogs’ – If I have to sign in to comment with the google identity, only one option what Blogger blogger gives me, the link will be to my blogger blog (which is still there because of this hassle!) That’s why it would be better to have Name/URL option >>> straight to the right address (NOT via blogger) as I show in my photos…

      I met several bloggers at the weekend who have only google account option. It means >>> I have to close my google mail account or my openID might not work. Sometimes it does sometimes I have to sign in several times when blog hopping. Too much work. I do NOT have this problem with DISQUS!!!!
      It would save everybody’s time to have Name/URL option – like you have! Thank you!

    • En ehtinyt aiempaan viestiisi vastaamaan kun jo ehdit taman laittaa…
      Sinun blogisi kanssa ei ole ongelmia. Tulossa ollaan mutta vasta huomenna kun nyt on muuta puuhaa… 🙂

  24. Bloggeri just temppuilee niin paljon etten pääsen sinne kommentoimaan tai katsomaan asetuksiani,joten en muista,onko mulla niin,että sun on helppo kommentoida..

  25. “Vai oletko törmännyt johonkin ihmiseen joka suhtautuisi nyrpeästi jos moikkaat?” Olen! Joka päivä. No, se onkin henkilökohtaista ;D

    Onneksi en ole bloggerilainen, joten tämähän ei koske minua 😉 🙂 😀

    • Oikeasti oikeassa elamassa ja paivittain? Millaisia ihmisia he oikein ovat?
      Olen minakin tormannyt niihin joita tervehtii hississa, portaissa…kuinka vaivauteita ollaan. Mika ihme on ettei voida huomenta sanoa? Ei siina koko elamantarinaansa tarvitse (eika ehdi) kertoa!
      Monta bloggerilaista lahti lukulistalta. En vaan jaksanut enaa vaantaa rautalangasta. Luen satoja blogeja viikottain ja jos kommentointi tehdaan vaikeaksi luovutan vaikka kuinka tykkaisin muuten blogin sisallosta…

  26. I think there’s no one-case fits all solutions – I’ve used comment-trackers in the past but they can inundate you with more emails than you can handle sometimes. New bloggers of course can be unaware of the options and are a bit too wary of spammers so block out too much – but it’s their choice of course. Comment moderation PLUS a captcha is what I find overkill but…

    • I wonder what ‘comment-trackers’ are – hopefully you have time to come and tell us more!
      You’re right about new bloggers. I guess we all learn something new…every day. Or that’s my goal! 🙂

  27. Haha I love it! Yah I never understand why some blogger peeps only allow other blogger peeps to post – I’m going to guess it’s merely ignorance and attempts at trying to protect themselves from spammers and ‘unknown’ commenters. I hate even having the word verification of mine – but I get so much spam crap if I don’t put that on it’s ridiculous!

    Stopping by from SITS! Have a great day!

    • I guess there’re quite many bloggers who are not ready to change. As we all know change is not comfortable or it demands action, too much effort.
      Internet is full of tutorials how to improve your blogging skills… some of us are simply satisfied with their circles so they are not interested to improve themselves or their blogging skills…or trying to find new audience.
      Our motives are very personal and I can’t change anybody. But I can SHOW what makes me ‘mad’. And say bye, bye…
      Thanks for your visit! 🙂


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