Behind the Scenes Video with Bon Jovi – David Bergman


Behind the Scenes Video with Bon Jovi – David Bergman produced by FStoppers.


This video made me smile.

It’s great to see when somebody’s really passionate about his/her job.

Even if the work and traveling is hard you can see that David loves what he’s doing.


You find the video also on his site, David Bergman.netenjoy!






Fstoppers Original: David Bergman Photographs Bon Jovi from FStoppers on Vimeo.


“Sports and Concert photographer David Bergman takes us backstage with one of the biggest bands in the world as he talks about making great live event photographs. Topics include shooting for Sports Illustrated, creating the most viewed presidential inauguration photo of all time, and gaining tour access to produce compelling concert photographs.” FStoppers/vimeo


“FStoppers was created by Lee Morris (R.L. Morris Photography) and Patrick Hall (Patrick Hall Photography) to showcase behind the scenes footage of professionals in our field working.”


What’s your passion in life?




0 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes Video with Bon Jovi – David Bergman”

  1. What’s your passion in life? A very good question. I will tell you when I will find it again…
    Will come back after I can put the volume on, as I do not want to wake up the sleeping princess.

  2. What a super cool post. I learned so much while I was thoroughly entertained. I loved those hard cover books he had made. And it was so awesome how he stitched together all those point and shoot shots at Obama’s inauguration! I bet that guy works his butt off and I really appreciated his honesty and dialogue.

    • I know a couple pro photogs and seen how hard they work. So much to do before actual shooting, lights etc.
      I could not do David’s job very long – too many people around when working! 🙂
      FStoppers have produced many other videos too but this is their latest…


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