Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 2010

On Tuesday, 12 May, 2009,

I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I documented my feelings and what happened during 31 days

starting from the morning of the surgery…

You can download that pdf-book for FREE here > my story…

(that book has some old information: my blog is now self-hosted


I live now in Casablanca, Morocco, not in Cairo…)



Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 2010 by BLOGitse


How do I feel today?

I’m fine!

I take Tamofen for 5 years. I have some side effects but I can live with them.

Sweating at night, hot flashes – yes, but I can manage.


I like the idea of Pink Ride…



Breast cancer for women and

prostate cancer for men are the most common cancers in Finland.


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tietoa rintasyövästä




I had mammography on June –

how about you?




“digital fun challenge” is open on my PHOTOblog




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  1. Tamofen on varmaan sitä marjakuusesta tehtyä lääkettä, täällä se taitaa olla Tamofixen. Meillä on ulko-oven vieressä marjakuusi ja toivon sen lähettävän aina ohimennessäni hyvää energiaa.

    • And I’m happy my gyno sent me to be tested immediately! That’s why it’s very important for women to see gyno once a year!


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