EDITED version WO*IMA #85

your WOrds of my IMAge #85:


WOIMA #85 exercising in Bilbao by BLOGitse




I think mine is broken…





George was kinda glad the only one left was the foot rest,

letting his wife take the pedaler. His prayers had been answered. smiles.





Goddammit! There comes that sporty, perky Edwina, jogging as always.

Ridiculous! She’s eighty-six and ought to slow down!





Remember the old days when you could just relax on a park bench while somebody polished your shoes?

I’ve been walking for an hour now, and I’m still in the same place.

This thing must be broken!



Gecco (no url)


Street performance by TRIO VIEJOS, menuet for a trampolin and two pedals,

part 87 “the woman is right”.





I don’t care what they think. I’m not here to impress.


Thank you!


Have a great week ahead!



“digital fun challenge” #2 theme is

>>> dot/dots <<<

on Monday on my PHOTOblog

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