chrystal of nature…

photos of the weekend #47 / chrystal of nature, Finland 21.11.2010

nature, Finland 21.11.2010 by BLOGitse 1.



nature, Finland 21.11.2010 by BLOGitse 2.



nature, Finland 21.11.2010 by BLOGitse 3.



nature, Finland 21.11.2010 by BLOGitse 4.



nature, Finland 21.11.2010 by BLOGitse 5.



nature, Finland 21.11.2010 by BLOGitse 6.



nature, b&w, Finland 21.11.2010 by BLOGitse 7.

I like more this black and white version – what do you think?



shadow of red wine by BLOGitse

Outside I haven’t seen shadows for days.

Red wine in a glass – and a shadow 🙂


Shadow Shot Sunday


Sundays In My City


Have a great weekend!







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29 thoughts on “chrystal of nature…”


    Chasing shadows here and there,
    Chasing shadows everywhere;
    Chasing shadows in the park;
    Chasing shadows long past dark;
    Chasing shadows through the light;
    Chasing shadows day and night—
    Shadow-chaser, don’t you see?
    Shadows were just meant to be!

    © 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadow Prayers

  2. The last threw me off. My first thought was melting ice or something. The red shadow is pretty cool looking.
    Those crystals are from a heavy frost then? It doesn’t look like snow to me.

  3. oooh the 5th photo down is my favorite! so beautiful!! We still don’t have snow here yet 🙁 It’s been trying real hard but so far we’ve only seen a few light snow flakes fall. They say we are supposed to start getting more tonight..we’ll see 🙂 Have a wonderful week and stay warm!

  4. I guess that the land of the Finns is cold, dark and snowy, too. Yet the bright white of the snow allows for frosty shadows at times. Although the red wine shadow is warmer, the cold ones are nice, too!


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