blogging break…

…I don’t know when I’ll have time to blog again…..might be next week or next year…

I’m far too busy here in Helsinki right now packing and moving.

We sold one place and bought another.

I have a zillion papers to go trough and

either archive or destroy them…

Clothes, old this and that, what to take, what to throw away…

You know what kind of process moving is – alone? 🙂


blogging_break by BLOGitse

A short winter day in Helsinki December 2010




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  1. Well, well… it seems that you are very busy these days! In Helsinki for the holidays or permanently? In any case, have a Happy Holiday!!
    (I’m back from Arg. after 2 months!)

    • Hi there!
      Not permanently in Helsinki, back to Casa this week IF they fly to Frankfurt. What a mess Europe is now because of the snow!!!
      Nice to see you’re back!
      I’ll blog again when back in Casa. I have still too much to do…. 🙂

  2. I know exactly what it’s like to move — alone. I’m beginning to get inklings that there might be a move in my future, so I’m starting to go through things now. First job — the office closet where an unholy amount of papers, receipts, etc going back 20 years has sat rotting for all this time. Best of luck to you.

    • I had a friend helping yesterday – oh boy we had a good day.
      I will get three men to do the actual moving. Right now I’m in the kitchen. When we moved to Egypt 2008 we were in hurry and I didn’t have time to check every spice box etc. but now I go through every item. Every single. Hard work but helps when I unpack things.
      Thanks Jane, have a great week and get well soon!

    • Evil – yes! But I’m going to beat it!
      I’m happy you’re waiting – I try to read/comment blogs even if I don’t update mine…Note, I said I try 🙂

  3. Hi Blogitse! Time to get rid of all that useless stuff you kept for ages… That’s what I did in my office last month… 😉

    Blogtrotter Two has started to cruise the Nile for you, but without Poirot!! Some interesting shots available… 😉 Enjoy and have a great week!

    • I try, I try!!! Hard work but a friend is coming to help soon…I’d rather get rid of office stuff than all unnecessary stuff at home which I’ve kept for years… 🙂

  4. All the best with the move and just in case you don’t blog again until next year, I want to wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year! Take care and I look forward to you returning to the blogosphere when things have settled down for you 🙂

  5. Onnea uuuteen kotiin ja jaksamista muuttamiseen! Olen nyt nähtävästi tipahtanut omien matkojeni takia kärryiltä, mutta mihin olet nyt muuttamassa? Yhäkö maana on Marokko?

    Kaunista joulua, jos et ehdi linjoille ennen sitä! 🙂

    • Kiitos, kiitos…Suomessa muutan yhdesta kampasta toiseen. Marokosta muutetaan jonnekin maaliskuun lopussa. Minne on vielakin auki…
      Ehdin linjoille viela ennen joulua mutta en tieda milloin ehdin…. 🙂

      • Ohoo, sinulla onkin sitten paljon muuttoa luvassa. kuinka kauan nyt sitten oletkaan Suomessa? Et kai maaliskuun loppuun asti, vai?

        Tai siis mikäs siinä ollessa, jos tykkää. 😉 Lumi ja pakkanen vain sai heti minulta karvat pystyyn! 🙂

      • Ens viikolla lahden takaisin Casaan. Kuukausi on kylla mennyt tosi nopeasti.
        Ei ole mikaan saa haitannut kun olen paaosin ollut sisatiloissa.
        Kaikki mennyt ok vaikka en olekaan lumi-talvi-ihminen! 🙂 Ihan kiva sita paitsi paasta miehen kainaloon nukkumaan 🙂

  6. Enjoy your break and good luck with your move. I am actually going through the same thing myself! Moving next week! BLECK!!!!

    It is always nice to take a break from technology!

    Stopping by from SITS!

    • I’m moving next week too. I want to check every paper etc. and not move any rubbish with me. Time consuming but it’s good to get rid of unnecessary things.
      Good luck for your move!

  7. Good luck. And, as much as BG moves around, you should hire her to do it for you…she is definitely, a pro! Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Dan, you forget that I’ve moved 3 times in last 3 years and several times before that between different countries…
      I’d call myself pro too! Most of the expats are pro! 🙂

    • Kiitos. Onneksi saan ammattimiesten apua itse muuttoon mutta kylla hommaa riittaa ennen ja jalkeen riittamiin…. En poistu kokonaan mutta en ehdi paivittamaan blogia seka
      vierailla muiden blogeissa. Siksi on parempi pitaa luova tauko…

    • Olisi syyta keventya kun sellainen hamsteri…joka kaanteessa tulee varastoitua yhta sun toista koska voi joskus viela tarvita……… 🙂

  8. Hi there…
    well, yes, I do know how moving is! Try not to stress out too much with it, and just look at it as a way to clean out all of your drawers and cupboards!

    Hope that you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    See you soon…


  9. Upea toi lintukuva. Muutossa on se hyöty, että tulee heitettyä turhaa kamaa pois. Mun anoppi asui kahden vanhasta eläkeikään samassa asunnossa eikä heittänyt mitään pois. Me sitten tyhjennettiin siellä kaksi kellaria, yksi vintti ja asunto ja voi arvata, mikä homma siinä oli.

    • Ihanaa jos ette jata mua!
      Muutto on tylsaa. Sita on tullut kylla tehtya aika monta kertaa eli menee rutiinilla kun vaan paasee vauhtiin! 🙂


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