WO*IMA #102 EDITED version



your WOrds of my IMAge #102:


WOIMA #102 by BLOGitse



Aledys Ver


Mmmmmmm… comfy beds at BLOGitse Bed&Breakfast –

when do they serve breakfast??





My Tom Cat,

that Alley Cat,

run away,

he’s really a mean old rat.

So here I stay,

with my children,

stay and pray

a curse upon my Tom Cat,

hey, hey, hey!



Ballerina Girl


life doesn’t get any better than this





Confuscius say:

Man who hate cat come back as mouse in next life.





Tres eran tres, las hijas de Elena,

tres eran tres, y cada cual más bella





In Portuguese we say:

«três tristes tigres»

(three sad tigers); not an easy task…


Thank you!


Have a great week!


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