shoes – what are they made of?


Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day in Helsinki.


spring day in Helsinki by BLOGitse

A couple of more days and all the snow is gone! 🙂



spring day in Helsinki by BLOGitse



I had shopping to do.

On my way back home I was wondering why the bus floor was so soft…

I sat down and looked at my shoe

– oh no, it’s broken.

My lovely Guess shoes which make me look taller 🙂

are dead!


broken Guess shoe by BLOGitse



When I took the shoes off at home, whum,

the floor was full of black ‘filling’ – rubber?

or mixture of rubber and something else?

Those shoes were old but well kept. I loved them.

Now they are in rubbish. snif!


broken Guess shoe by BLOGitse


Has this ever happen to you?




28 thoughts on “shoes – what are they made of?”

  1. Gotta love shoes that make you look taller 😉 Too bad they’re ‘gone’…and that’s really weird foamy rubber material that the sole was made of! Hope you find some new (even more!) awesome shoes…perfect excuse for more shopping. (and, yay!, the snow is melting up here, too!!!)

    • I really loved those Guess shoes, snif…
      Rain, rain, rain…and soon we see blossoms everywhere!!! 🙂

    • Poor shoes you mean! 🙂 Today it’s raining – rubber boots are the best in this weather…

  2. Whatever was inside that heel, it doesn’t look repairable…..yes, it is time for sandals and flip flops, and bare-footin’!!

    • oh, I can’t wait to put on sandals/flip flops or be bare-foot!!! Still a few months to go….. 🙂

  3. Well I once had a rubber sole entirely disengage from the bottom of my sneaker while taking pictures in water. I had to throw them out at the site and drove directly to the New Balance Store in my wet socks!

    • Never heard of the New Balance Store before – but now I know, I googled it. Thanks Stickup!
      I hope you found good sneakers – walking around with wet socks is not very nice… 🙂

  4. Lovely sky! We are also enjoying a very nice weather down here, which I hope it will stay like this for a long time. Hopefully till next week when we will be on vacation… I can’t wait!

    Your shoe does not look nice. I once had the experience of getting my foot completely wet due to a hole in the shoe, which I was not aware of… but not so dramatic as yours.
    It is time to get new shoes!

    • Hola Rocio! Que tal?
      I’m sure you have a zillion times better weather in Madrid than we have here in Scandinavia….But the air is fresh and it’s light! 🙂
      I’m lucky I have more than one pair of shoes! 🙂 Today I’m going to wear my new rubber boots – it’s raining again….

      • Hola, hola!
        Do you believe me if I say that we had 29º degrees today? 🙂 We even had lunch in the terrace. Nice, isn’t it?

      • NO, I don’t believe you! Not fair…… joking – of course I’m happy for your hot weather! 🙂 Very nice! 🙂
        Here it’s +3 and sun shining….better than snow or rain! 🙂

  5. OMG NO!

    Hate to be a Debby-Downer but I wonder if it’s from acid rain caused by the nuclear power plant disaster in Japan?

    • Thanks Sue – I didn’t know what Debby-Downer is but now I do! 🙂
      You might be right – acid rain – that’s why shoes are going crack all over the globe!!! 🙂

  6. Yes! Just noin! Sandaalit kuluivat alta pois ja kävelin lähes paljain jaloin kotia, onneksi oli kesä. Yhdet ‘läskipohjatkin’ hupenivat omia aikojaan kaapissa. Pohjissa kuulemma käytetään jotain kumia ja polyuretaania, jotka ei kestä pahemmin lämpötilan vaihteluita eikä varsinkaan kaapissa toimettomana seisomista.
    Ihmettelen vaan miksi ennen vanhaan tuota ei tapahtunut ikinä, nykyään tehdään kulutustavaraa, jota ei tarvitse edes itse kuluttaa, kuluu omia aikojaan…

    • 🙂 minun kenkani ovat joutuneet koville reissatessa ympari maailman erilaisissa lampotiloissa – viimeksi Casa-Hki, eikos siella laukussa tule aika kylma! 🙂

  7. Huh,hajosivatpa kenkäsi kunnolla,Kamala tunne kun joutuu kävelemään rikkinäisilllä kengillä,itselläni on pari kertaa pudonnut korko pois kengästä ja se ei ollut kivaa.
    Kiva nähdä,että lumet on melkein poissa!

    • Oli tosi outoa kun luulin bussin lattian olevan omituisen pehmea…onneksi kesti himaan asti kokonaisena vaikka toisen kanta oli jo irti…. 🙂

  8. Nice shots – everything looks clean and unspoiled! 😀
    Sorry about your shoes!!! It recently happened to me to, my Hush Puppies “snow” boots are now “kaput”, there is a huge crack in one of the soles.. .I probably stepped on a very sharp stone edge or sth like that 🙁 I loved those boots!!!

    • Cleaner than….somewhere else! 🙂
      ‘Snow boots’ – I need to buy in the autumn…Now I wait for sandal weather! 🙂
      Kaput, that’s Russian… 🙂

    • Oli aikamoista tepastelua bussista himaan kun pelkasin etta pohja hajoaa ennen kun paasen himaan….. 🙂 kesti sentaan siihen asti kun otin pois jalasta! 🙂

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