walking around Tali area, Helsinki, Finland…


We had a two hour walk around Tali area on Saturday.

Oh, boy how beautiful it was! The weather, nature…perfect!


walking around Tali area Helsinki, Finland by BLOGitse



I didn’t know there’s an area where you play disc GOLF.

We’re going to try it one day 🙂


Tali Disc Golf Park, Helsinki, Finland

Tali Disc Golf Park


Tali Disc Golf Park, Helsinki, Finland



Tali Disc Golf Park, Helsinki, Finland by BLOGitse

Talin tallaajat had a spring cleaning…



Tali Disc Golf Park, Helsinki, Finland by BLOGitse


Lost your disc? It might be here! 🙂


Tali Open  15.-17. July



“Tali Open is the largest disc golf event in Helsinki.

The seventh Tali Open is held at Tali Disc Golf Park,

the best and most challenging course in Finland.”


About disc golf in Wikipedia.


Have a great week everyone!


In Finland it should be mostly sunny and warm… 🙂



20 thoughts on “walking around Tali area, Helsinki, Finland…”

  1. Enpä ollut kuullut tuommoisesta pelistä aikaisemmin, mukavalta vaikuttaa. Ja mitäpä väliä sillä, käveleekö kiekon perässä vai ilman, kunhan kävelee, alue on upea!

  2. oh boy…
    it’s our 14th wedding anniversary, 21 yrs engaged…
    what else you want to know! 🙂
    yes, we had a gooooood dinner and drinks…and now I’m toooo relax! 🙂
    I try to visit your blogs tomorrow…hey, I said ‘I try’ – that’s not a promise! 🙂 oooooh I do love my hubby!!! 🙂 gooooood night! 🙂

  3. Beautiful scenery – I was going to say, “it looks like the NL” but actually, no, you have stunning mountains … Oooooh I miss mountains!
    Was it Mother’s Day there too?

    • They are not real mountains, hills I’d say 🙂
      Yes, we had Mother’s Day here as well. We ate too much….. 🙂

      • Well, in Dutch terms those are mountains, trust me! I remember that during my husband’s first trips to Argentina we would go to the hills near my city and he kept referring to them as “mountains” and I’d correct him, that the mountains are more to the west (the Andes) these were “just” hills and he’d say, “if you came from Holland where we’re struggling to keep our head above the water, you’d call this moutains!” 😀

      • LOL! 🙂 I understand. I’ve been to Holland a couple of times and it’s really flat over there….easy for all those zillion cyclists you have in Holland! 🙂

  4. I’ve never heard of disc golf. Seems to be pretty cool though 😀
    I love all the nature around there, the trees and the water.
    Simply perfect!

  5. WOw! What an absolutely beautiful place to walk around. It’s like a little forest. I can’t help but walk around those types of places and not get inspired. I haven’t played disc golf since junior high, what a fun place to play!


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