renovation and travelling…


Our living room is painted!

Here’s how it all started…


tunto 1 by BLOGitse

The base paint is thick and dries very quickly…



living room wall, Tunto paint, BLOGitse

This is the base…



our living room walls, BLOGitse

This is how it looks now…



Details of the wall

tunto 2 by BLOGitse

Different light, another angle and the structure looks totally different!



tunto 3 by BLOGitse


I’ll escape this renovation mess for two weeks

to Tuscany, Italy!

My next post starts with  ‘Ciao!’ 🙂

Near here you’d see me Nordic walking! 🙂



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16 thoughts on “renovation and travelling…”

  1. Hi everybody!
    Today we visited Cortona. Unfortunately today was a grey, rainy day but otherwise really good day.
    I’ve taken already almost 600 pictures! 🙂
    I’ll try to post some on Monday…
    Thanks for your visits and comments!

  2. Hi everybody!
    Today shopping food, cheese, ham, strawberries etc.
    Food is about half of the prices in Finland!!!!
    This evening we celebrate my friend’s birthday… 🙂

    Here I am…oh, boy…wait and see all the pictures of this amazing area! I can see mountains (or huge hills), cats, olive trees, rosemary, sun, green and more green….Pics coming later!
    Cheers – we’re having glasses of Prosecco now! 🙂 yummy!

  4. Way cool wall treatment and video accompaniment. Have a wonderful time Under the Tuscan Sun! PS: We over here in Bloggerland are stranded. All we can do is read; no commenting, no uploading, no bueno!

  5. Ohhh I’m green with envy!! Only yesterday we were discussing with my husband our next year spring holiday – in Tuscany! I don’t know whether to go by car all the way, or by plane and then rent a car… where to stay… etc., so your experience will be of great help,actually! 😀
    Two weeks!! Beata te!! Buone vacanze!! 😀

  6. Sinä onnellinen. Cortona on tuttu paikka ja meidän oliiviöljymylly on S. Felicianossa Lago Trasimenon rannalla. Vie terkkuja! Ja kivaa lomaa!

    • Ja minulle eka kerta mutta todella odotettu reissu. Perjantai aamuna aikaisin matka alkaa. Vien terveiset jos satun myllylle! 🙂


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