back home in Helsinki…


but I have still a lot of pics to post from Tuscany, Italy…


This is part 3 – ‘greetings from Tuscany, Italy’



I can see Cortona from the villa's garden in Tuscany, Italy

I could see Cortona from our villa’s garden.


Tuscan ham and salami by BLOGitse

Tuscan ham and salami, yummy!



beef carpaccio under the Tuscan sun by BLOGitse



beef carpaccio and white wine under the Tuscan sun by BLOGitse

Beef carpaccio and white wine under the Tuscan sun – what else you need!

Thanks my friend M – this was really yummy! 🙂



a door in Tuscany, Italy by BLOGitse

I shot dozens door pics…More coming later…


soon to be sunflowers in Tuscan, Italy by BLOGitse

Late June, early July these will be beautiful sunflowers…



Tuscany sunset by BLOGitse



Tuscany sunset by BLOGitse

Isn’t this beautiful…aaaaah!


My suitcase is still ‘somewhere’.

We missed our flight because Lufthansa in Florence waited for two people,

28 people missed their connect flights from Munich.

We flew via Gothenburg, Sweden to Helsinki.

There was a short strike at Helsinki airport on Friday and they have still a lot of bags waiting for delivery.

Imagine how much it costs to deliver a single luggage to all those customers whose bags were not handled on Friday

plus new lost bags, like ours, coming every day…


What have you done during these couple of weeks? Please tell me!





14 thoughts on “back home in Helsinki…”

  1. Oohh I’m in love with Cortona!! I’ll definitely do some research around that area. That pic. of the salami and prosciutto reminds me of home…. snif…. Indeed, what more could you ask!! I hope you had a wonderful stay in Tuscany.
    I can’t believe the mess they made of your flight back! why make everyone on the plane miss their connections just because of two stupid people? Don’t they normally offload the luggage of passengers that don’t show up on time? Unbelievable!

  2. It looks so beautiful… I love prosciutto and carpaccio too, yummy!!!!
    It seems you had a very nice weather.What a wonderful vacation. I will put Tuscany in my “wish” list 😉

  3. I came back to check that my comment got published because I noticed something different happened when I last hit submit. And it went thru as Anonymous. But the Parma ham and Italian roots story up there was from me. I have just resigned back in because I do not with to remain Anonymous 🙂

  4. How awesome, (the photos, not the lost luggage). Just today, my Mom and I planned making pizzas ourselves. I’ll make the dough in my bread maker and we will use imported hams and cheeses for toppings. 3 of my grandparents are from Italy. And the 4th, my Dad’s Mom, was born in the USA, but her parents were from Italy. My brother went last year and now he won’t have anything but Parma ham on his pizza! Glad you had such a wonderful vacation and get settled soon in your home.

    • Home made pizzas are best! I bought one big piece of ham with me…and Parma cheese. Wikipedia says: Under Italian law only cheese produced in these provinces may be labelled “Parmigiano-Reggiano”, while European law classifies the name as a protected designation of origin. It is informally known as the “king of cheese.”
      Yummy!!! 🙂

    • Wow, I’m happy for you! I’ll visit your blog when I have time – our stuff from Casa is coming any minute…

  5. Welcome back.Kuvasi ovat upeita,todella upeita maisemia näitte.Harmi noita matkalaukkuja,toivottavasti pian tulevat takaisin.Pari kertaa on noin käynyt,ärsyttävää!
    Täällä on jo aika lämmintä.Elegia on täällä ja tänään tavattiin ja käveltiin hurjan paljon,jalat vähän kipeinä;:D

    • Kiitos kiitos! Viela kun ehtisin kayda kaikkia blogikavereita moikkaamassa olisi hyva…mutta tanaan tulee muuttokuorma, milla hetkella tahansa ja sitten pitaa aloittaa purku ja tavaroiden jonnekin laittaminen…huh huh…onneksi on pitka viikonloppuvapaa! 🙂
      Laukku tuli eilen iltapaivalla.
      Jos Elegia on viela siella kerro terveisia!


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