a cell in Katajanokka and other pictures from Helsinki


weekend photos #5 / sunrise, sailing ship, environmental art, icicles, snow, glitter, Hotel Katajanokka with a real cell


sunrise in Helsinki 28.1.2012 by BLOGitse

I was lucky to have camera with me on 28th of January at 8:34 am….

The sky was soooo beautiful!


sailing ship and environmental art in Helsinki Finland by BLOGitse

We saw a lot last weekend with our friends from Sweden.


Sailing ship and ‘Where is my home?’, environmental art by

Kaarina Kaikkonen.

‘The piece tells a story about different kind of people and

states trying to live together, but it’s difficult…’


United States of Europe


A travelling exhibition about European identity and today’s Europe.


icicles, snow and glitter in Helsinki Finland by BLOGitse

We had lunch at Restaurant Loiste. Do you remember this place?

In the evening we visited first time in the brand new Helsinki Music Centre.


Hotel Katajanokka Helsinki Finland by BLOGitse

It wasn’t a good idea to visit this Hotel Katajanokka‘s speciality before the concert in the evening…

This hotel used to be a prison…


find a cell in Jailbird restaurant in Katajanokka Helsinki Finland by BLOGitse

Visiting this cell and listening horrible music made my friend feel so bad at the concert that

she almost got a heart attack.

I got terrible pain in my head.

Like someone was slowly tightening a metal band around my head.

Never again contemporary music! I like happy/peaceful music! 🙂


Did you notice all the shadows? A lot of them this weekend! 🙂


Shadow Shot Sunday



Sundays In My City



Life In Pictures



Next week this time I’ll be here!

I’m going to Nordic walk, paint/draw… be outside and sunbathe (no, not too much)



Have a relaxing weekend!



34 thoughts on “a cell in Katajanokka and other pictures from Helsinki”

  1. Wow, that is a beautiful sky! (You & I saw this gorgeous sky on two sides of the globe!) Where is the photo of the ship in the ice water taken?? Sorry that the jail + contemporary music made your guest and you get depressed. I think it would do the same to me!! I much prefer softer, gentler music myself. Hope you have a happy Sunday.

  2. Helsinki looks so beautiful on the outside, surrounded by water, cold but with the freshest air, the lovely snow all about. I can imagine how viewing the prison from the inside should want you to return to freedom in Helsinki…soon!

  3. Wow…such an impressive group of images. I love the reflective sunrise/sunset images and the huge icicles from the window. Wow.

    My Sunday Shadows Link: MISTY MORNING

    I do hope to see you stop by for a visit if you can find time. Have a great Sunday.

  4. That is quite a mound of luggage you photographed!! Almost makes you want to pull one suitcase from the bottom and see what happens!! A very interesting collection of photos today.

  5. Ihana Helsinki, pääsen käymään kolmen viikon päästä. Viime talvena olin juuri tuolla vankilan sellissä yötä ja mietiskelin, että minkälaisia ihmisiä siinä on ennen mua asunut. Hauskaa viikonloppua!

    • No et sentään tuossa sellissä nukkunut! 🙂
      Katsottiin yhden huoneen sisään ja yllätys oli positiivinen. Huone oli aika iso, samoin kylppäri. Tekstiilit ja sisustus ihan jees. Voisin yöpyä!

    • The hotel is beautifully renovated, rooms look totally modern and very comfy. That’s a good place to stay when visiting Helsinki. A tram stop is at the door…

      • It sounds good, then! Now that I come to think of it, here in Zwolle we also have a hotel which formerly was a women’s prison.
        Is it still very cold there?

      • Here cold? Cool but warmer than in Finland! I’m in Canary Island, Fuenteventura! 🙂
        Sun’s been hiding but now I see a ray. Soon I’ll run after it!

  6. Kiva nähdä kuvia Helsingistä talviasussa.Melkein tasan vuosi sitten olin siellä just tähän aikaan. Ei kai sentään ne hotellihuoneet entisessä vankilassa ole tuon näköisiä;D

    • No ei! Tuo selli on jätetty vieraille näytettäväksi, koettavaksi. Aika rankkaa olisi tuollaisessa kopissa vuositolkulla viettää…


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