no more snow…


weekend #10 photos

No more snow pictures!

We still have snow but I don’t post pics here! 🙂



It’s TULIP time…

yellow tulip by BLOGitse



yellow tulip by BLOGitse



Or would you like to have a cup of coffee…

coffee bubbles by BLOGitse



bw bubbles in coffee by BLOGitse



Need a notebook…

notebook shadow by BLOGitse

What a shadow! 🙂



Or do you need a dentist…

Anneli, my dentist by BLOGitse

Anneli has been my dentist for years. She’s good!



What do you prefer






I would say…notebook! No! Coffee….Nope! Tulips… 🙂



Have a relaxing weekend!



Shadow Shot Sunday2


Sundays In My City


Life In Pictures




Digital Fun Challenge by BLOGitse

On Monday!

Come and play along!



Tule mukaan!



42 thoughts on “no more snow…”

  1. Love all your shots but find the notebook capture exquisite!

    Tulips are fantastic – I wish I could do more of them, but they are as truffles to pigs for the wildlife out here.

  2. He he he… I guess, I need them all, this time of the year, aint’ you?

    Lovely day here too…

    Hope you have a wonderful w/end.

    Kiitos and kippis…

  3. sorry…i would not pick dentist. tho yours seems lovely… coffee, notebook and tulip. or tulip and notebook. and i agree…no more snow pictures posted by me either…it would have to be a really phenomenal shadow for me to do a snow picture!! have an awesome week of pictures ahead!!

  4. What a greta post. I have a huge grin on my face. I SO need top call buy dentist, Heidi, but it means losing 2 more teeth so keep putting it off. Getting old is not for wimps and vain folk. It is a very humbling experience. Love the shadow shot of your notebook. That is a real keeper. I have NOT given up on snow yet. Being a Floridian by birth, I love a bit every know and then. The tulip yellow is heavenly. genie

  5. I would prefer the pleasure to any pain, so the flower and coffee are preferred. The notebook feels like work, the dentist is nice – not real pain, her smile is calming…

  6. No offense to your dentist, but I think I’ll choose the notebooks. 🙂 Can I request bright yellow notebooks? Maybe the shade of those lovely tulips?

  7. Gorgeous variety of images! I’ll take the coffee while admiring the beauty of the tulips! I’m trying to reduce notebooks by using OneNote on the computer! Lovely shadow lines at play round your notebook!

  8. I only need my coffee and some beautiful tulips to watch.

    Saw the dentist a couple of week ago, no need for her now!

    I don’t have notebooks, but lots of paper for drawing and painting.

    • Coffee and tulips sounds good. My dentist is very nice but I don’t see her voluntarily! 🙂
      Paper, paper, paper – my passion since a kid 🙂

  9. Kun nyt ulos katselen…. pah pah, lunta pyryttää ja näyttää harmaalta.
    MINÄ VALITSEN KAIKKI muut paitsi dentistin (hui!)
    Kirjoitan muistilehtiöön viisaita sanoja, kahvia hörppien ja tulppaaneja nuuhkien, nenä siitepölyssä.
    KIITOS! Aurinkoista viikonvaihdetta. 😀

    • Lunta?! Ei meillä mutta on harmaata ja vain -3, selvästi kevättä ilmassa, myös katupölyssä.
      Voisitko lainata viisaita sanojasi? 🙂 vaikka kommentin muodossa, pliiiis!
      Iloa ja energiaa kiirettä pakoilevalle (taidan olla sukulaissielusi, kiire ei ole minun ystäväni ollut enää vuosiin…)

  10. I like dentists! I also like tulips! And can’t live without coffee! Notebooks follow me everywhere, there are at least two in my purse all the time. There’s also one in the phone and few in the iPad in regular use. Oh, and there is the one, big one, that’s not in my purse, but in my desk.

    Oh! Let’s have more coffee!

    • 🙂 let’s have competition: I have more paper and notebooks than you! I win if you ask my husband! 🙂
      Right now I have drawing paper, canvases, papers and notebooks everywhere – I’m trying to organize them. hm…when done, a couple of days and the mess is back. What’s wrong with me??? 🙂
      Now I need more coffee!


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