blossoms and blooms


weekend #18 photos


Buds here and there and everywhere…


a big bud by BLOGitse



wood anemones by BLOGitse

My mother gets wood anemones on Mother’s Day 13.5.

She got one of these already 🙂


view of Gulf of Finland by BLOGitse

A view from my friend’s flat, that’s Gulf of Finland.

If you cross it you find yourself in Tallinn, Estonia.


colorized shadows on the wall by BLOGitse

Colorized shadows on our living room wall.



Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City



Life In Pictures




Have a relaxing weekend!




31 thoughts on “blossoms and blooms”

  1. Such a wonderful collection of pictures this week. B+Gorgeous sea shots as well as flowers with their shadows and some experimentation with your wall. It is so nice to see such a variety of shots at one time. You did a wonderful job. genie

  2. Beautiful flower! But I was taken by the view from your friend’s flat, I am in the Baltic in a fortnight and Tallin, Estonia is one of the places I will be visiting! I will also stop in Finland 🙂
    Have a great Sunday!

  3. The blooms look very nice in their macro colors and shadows. Happily Spring is springing in Helsinki. However bright and colorful, the Gulf of Finland still looks like at least the evenings are still chilly…and artistic county in nature, very nicely captured!

  4. clever shots as always…all the way down to the tiny shadows left by the yellow center of the flower. love the blossoms and blooms you here!! happy, happy weekend to you!!!

  5. Heippa ystäväni,

    What a wonderful gestures of Spring. I really in love with our sorroundings when the nature starts to bloom. Absolutely fantastic views too.

    Hope you are in the best of everything. Have a nice day.


  6. Just stopped by to say Hello! It looks like you are enjoying your spring and having good times. Your flower shots are very pretty, the detail in the second one is awesome, and your friend has an amazing view! Let the good times roll…

  7. Auts, miten suloinen pikku pullukkasilmu! Kohta se sanoo POKS ja lehteytyy.
    Muutoinkin ihania kuvia, tuo ikkunamaisema on kaunis. Hieno paikka asua, kun meri noin lähellä siintelee!
    itsekin killittelin eilen auringon luomia erilaisia varjoja seinillä, olis pitänyt kuvata. Sinun varjosi on hieno!

    • Voi että kun tulisi muutama lämmin päivä niin poksahtelun varmaan kuulisi! 🙂
      Meri on kaunis mutta sen rannalla näillä leveysasteilla yleensä tuulee ja on aika vilpoista. Ja kosteaa.
      Kaunista kyllä!
      Varjoleikki on kivaa 🙂

  8. Beautiful pictures, as usual!!
    It is interesting to see the stages in which spring appears here in this part of the world. About two month ago, friends of mine in Spain were already showing off the first buds on the cherry, apple, etc. trees. Here we started about a month ago, the cherry and apple trees in my garden only blooming just 2 weeks ago and now already fading. And now I guess it’s your turn! 🙂
    I see that you also celebrate Mother’s Day on 13 May as we do here in the NL. In Argentina we celebrate it in October.

    • Thanks my friend!
      You’re right about blooming but now it’s too cold here, only about +10 and cold wind.
      My friend was in Berlin the other week and it was about +30. sigh!
      But it’s not slippery and no snow, that’s something 🙂


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