a sunny day in Helsinki


weekend #22 photos


Last week we had beautiful weather in Helsinki…and lots of city shadows!

Espa, Helsinki by BLOGitse

Esplanadi ‘Espa‘ Park was packed of summer lovers…


Espa, Helsinki by BLOGitse



Espa, Helsinki by BLOGitse



Espa, Helsinki by BLOGitse

 People buying ice cream, slurpyum 🙂


Espa Stage, Helsinki by BLOGitse

 Free concert starting soon…

Espa Stage offers a rich programme from the beginning of May to the end of August.”


Havis Amanda, Helsinki by BLOGitse

 Havis Amanda


Havis Amanda, Helsinki by BLOGitse

“Havis Amanda is a nude female statue in Helsinki, Finland. It was sculpted by Ville Vallgren (1855-1940) in 1906 in Paris, but was not erected at its present location at the Market Square in Kaartinkaupunki until 1908.

Vallgren himself simply called the work Merenneito (English: The Mermaid), but it quickly started to get additional nicknames. The Finland-Swedish newspapers dubbed it Havis Amanda and the Finnish Haaviston Manta or simply Manta. Havis Amanda is the common name used in brochures and travel guides.” read more > wikipedia



 Shadow Shot Sunday2



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Have a relaxing weekend!




28 thoughts on “a sunny day in Helsinki”

  1. I can see on one of the Havis Amanda photos that the two office buildings I visited regularly during a few decades are still there! I may miss Nordic summer now and then, but not the office buildings! 🙂

  2. It’s always interesting to “walk” the streets of someone else’s city – – – especially when one has never been to that city and it is a whole ocean and continent away!

  3. You have a beautiful city and I felt very privileged to visit it the other day. I actually loved and would love to visit again this time in the snow and ice. Every street, statue, building was worth looking at. And I feel lucky to know you from blogging. 🙂

  4. Hello gorgeous neighbour,
    That’s unfair, huh? You been enjoying your warm and sunny day and me wet and coldy?

    Rain is oozing over Sweden while thousands of thousands of Marathon Runners were chilled and wet, but no shadows to share.

    SO, join my post last week-end when we had the sun shine full of warmth rays oozing unto us.

    Happy SSS…

  5. hello beautiful sunshine…i am in need of some. and i am in need of my computer. had the week off…no sun. no computer. argggh. anyway…LOVE your city pics of summer lovers. hope all is well with you.
    just BE.

  6. Helsinki looks sunny and warm (although many are wearing long sleeves), but the solar brilliance makes us want to be outside for ice cream and sightseeing. Always a beautiful city!


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