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Hartwall Original Long Drink by BLOGitse


“Hartwall Original Long Drink is a crisp mixed drink that blends the refreshing taste of gin with the tang of grapefruit.

The beverage was launched for the Helsinki Olympics in 1952

with an eye on lightening the workloads of restaurant

staff as they served Olympic tourists.

The ready-mixed, bottled Long Drink was such a big hit among Finns that

the company decided to keep it on the market.”






Michael Phelps, April 2009 wikipedia

photo wikipedia

Michael Fred Phelps II (born June 30, 1985) is an American swimmer and

the most decorated Olympian of all time with 19 20 21 medals.

Phelps also holds the all-time records for gold medals (15)  16 17!

and gold medals in individual events for a male  (9)  10 13!






relaxing in the shadows by BLOGitse

On our weekend walk I noticed a man relaxing,

enjoying a lazy summer day in the shadows. Perfect!


Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City



Life In Pictures



Have a relaxing weekend!



26 thoughts on “long, fast and lazy…”

  1. I’m so proud of Michael Phelps.

    Is there a man in that hammock? He sure is well hidden. What a wonderful view to enjoy from the comfort of a hammock!

  2. Did not know Long, Congratulations to Fast (Swimming just down the road from me at the moment) and I love lazy especially by the water. Have a beautiful Sunday! 🙂

  3. that hammock looks oh so very inviting. it is very warm here today…88 but very humid. my youngest starts football camp tomorrow and thankfully it is suppose to be cooler. Love your shots for today…Yeah Michael Phelps!!

  4. Enough of that long drink may be tiring – the hammock in the shade should take care of that with a nap. Cause and effect – take the drink and relax!

  5. Tää tykkää myös, mutta enemmän GinTonicista. Sitä voisinkin hyvin ryystellä ja roikkua riippakeinussa hiljaisessa tuulen suhinassa….
    Onkohan tuo sellainen repussa-kannettava-tarpeen-tullen-käyttöönotettava -riippukeinu 😀

    • Kyllä geeteegin käy! 🙂
      En kehdannut jäädä pidempään tutkailemaan ettei kohde olisi huomannut, että otin valokuvan…Hauska idea!


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