back alley art in Málaga


weekend #41 photos en Málaga, España


 ¡Hola! a todos!


Huh, I didn’t remember studying language is so hard work.

New words, new grammar…every day.

BUT. I like it!


I can manage in shops etc. even if my grammar is awful (like my English!) 🙂


I think it’s important to communicate –

we all do mistakes and there is no perfect human being!



Exploring back alleys in Málaga you can see this kind of art

(one with shadows) 🙂



back alley art in Málaga shot by BLOGitse



back alley art in Málaga shot by BLOGitse



Shadow Shot Sunday2


Sundays In My City



The weather….couldn’t be better!

Sunny, +25 (75F) – next week will be even warmer…



Have a relaxing weekend!



15 thoughts on “back alley art in Málaga”

  1. Learning a new language is on my list of things to do. The green woman is beautiful and that cap on the dog is perfect. Congrats on absolutely perfect weather.

  2. I like the concrete walls in the alleys and out of sight to most – it makes a giant canvas that lets the artists express themselves quite well, in style and color. Very nice!

  3. i am glad you are exploring the back alley art in the day time…
    it is wonderful that you are enjoying learning a new language…brave heart.



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