self made



week #10 photos



macro #94 'clock, watch' by BLOGitse


makroviikko/macro week challenge #94


teema / theme:


kello // clock/watch



shadows on the wall by BLOGitse


Shadow Shot Sunday2


Shadows on the wall…



Sundays In My City



IWD 2013 by BLOGitse


‘When you educate a girl, everything changes.’


Room to Read




I started to paint/draw again.

Here’s one painting, Chinese ink and acrylics.


abstract Chinese ink and acrylics by BLOGitse



Here are a couple of details of that painting.

details of abstract Chinese ink and acrylics by BLOGitse



I’m self-made.

I always wanted to make myself a better person,

because I was not educated.

But that was my dream – to have class.


Tina Turner



36 thoughts on “self made”

  1. The timepiece is beautiful and doesn’t look as old as its name suggests…great tiger stripe shadows! Your artwork is very nice…it feels like a woven fabric design – it feels as if the artist has woven a brilliant piece of work. Very nice!

  2. Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. And a Happy International Women’s Day to you too. Though, I’m sure where you are it’s over, but here, it’s still another 45 minutes till it’s over And I really love your paintings. Especially the 4 details. I can see them gracing any walls with that warm wash of bold color. Really beautiful.

    • Details of paintings have been my hobby a long time. I’ve printed cards of them…
      Thanks for your visit, have a great day!

  3. Hauska kellomerkki, se raksuttaa varmaan vaan mennyttä aikaa. Vähän niin kuin minäkin.. piti toivottaa virallista naistenpäivää , mutta se meni jo, siispä olkoon jokainen päivä naisten päivä.
    Kiva kun taas olet löytänyt maalailun, kiinanmuste on mielenkiintoinen aine, pitäiskinkin ruveta kokeilemaa..

    • Hhahah, mennyttä aikaa varmaankin!
      Ei länsimaissa oikeastaan mitään erityistä päivää naisille tarvittaisi mutta toisaalla kylläkin.
      Kaikki kiva pilataan ylikaupallisuudella…
      Meillä paistaa just nyt aurinko, ihanaa!

  4. I was startled by the title “Self Made” accompanying a clock. Then, after scrolling through your lovely art, read Tina’s quote. I beg to differ with her, she was made by God through the help of her parents. And…I’m sure that she had help from others along the way to success.

    • The title ‘self made’ means here that all the pictures on this post are shot or made by me.
      Tina’s quote is made by her…..


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