playing continues


weekend #12/2013 photos


I might be boring? 🙂 but

here are more sun & magnifying glass pictures.
Previous shots are here.


magnifying glass play_4a by BLOGitse



magnifying glass play_4b by BLOGitse



magnifying glass play_5a by BLOGitse



magnifying glass play_5b by BLOGitse



magnifying glass play_6a by BLOGitse



magnifying glass play_6b by BLOGitse



window blind shadows by BLOGitse

The other day I noticed these window blind shadows on our dinging room wall.





Let’s do it, together!


in Finland > 20:30 – 21:30



Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City



19 thoughts on “playing continues”

  1. oh my dear…there is nothing boring about you. the edited versions are cool. and the photo of the dining room is excellent. love the splash of color.

  2. Nothing boring about reflected and refracted light – and the shadow artistry provided by a prism. The lighting suggests to me an octopus or a a squid – I didn’t count the legs or tentacles. I see a sea creature in all the views…imagination is not boring at all!

  3. Absolutely artistique, sweet friend.

    I love how you edit your shots! Always FAB shots.

    Hope you are in the best of everything this sunny & cold Saturday.

    Hugs from Stockholm,


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