ten busy days


My hubby is in San Francisco and some other places –

I have time to do ‘my things’, like more sewing and meeting friends…


Photo challenge’s this week’s theme is





inspiration by BLOGitse


My most important inspiration is the SUN but

I have not been able to shoot a picture of it –

it’s been grey or rainy and plus today very windy.

In this picture colors and textures are my inspiration –

second important…



weekend #16 photos


The other day I noticed shadows of the window blind on a packet of napkins…


shadows on napkins by BLOGitse



Have you been on a hot-air balloon ride? Did you like it?

I have not – I rather stay on the ground 🙂


hot-air balloon by BLOGitse



Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City



 Have a relaxing weekend!



20 thoughts on “ten busy days”

  1. No hot air balloon for me either. I’m afraid of heights but I do love to see they up in the sky floating to places unknown. It’s so peaceful looking.

    Love the photo of the napkins. Very cool reflection.

    Happy SIMC, jj

  2. I would love to take a hot air balloon ride! I think it would be very exciting. Loved the shot of the light play on the napkins, the texture is wonderful.

  3. Much happier with both feet firmly planted on solid ground! Not been in a hot air balloon and I don’t think I’d like it. Hope the sun visits you soon!

  4. An antidote to gray and rain is color – the more of it the better. We often need that vision of color to forget the present – and engage the artist’s mind for the creation of new art…I hope your husband flew on an airplane to SF instead of a balloon!

  5. Yes, we have taken ONE and ONLY one hot air balloon ride. The problem was we almost hit a power line which was too close for comfort. O like the collage of fabric. I love working with my fabrics. That always boosts the old morale. genie

  6. i have not been on a hot air balloon ride, but i would like to. nice to have “me time”. i get quite a bit of it…and i like it. enjoy!!! namaste!

  7. Once…we had our 25th anniversary ‘champagne breakfast’ on a hot air balloon ride. It was thrilling. But I don’t think I’d do it again. LOL

    And as for the sun? What’s that? In fact, what’s rain? We’re in a drought still, this is going on 3rd year…and it threatens rain [been dark and gloomy for some time now] but no moisture coming from those clouds. :o(

    • wow, champagne breakfast…it sounds so romantic!
      If I have a only a glass or two of champagne I fall in sleep – I need more or not at all! 🙂
      Our spring is two weeks late. Right now we have terrible floods picture here


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