Midsummer 2013 in Helsinki, Finland


Midsummer 2013


It’s the biggest celebration in Finland – Midsummer.
We visited yesterday The Seurasaari Open-Air Museum to have a look how

they were getting ready for the bonfire festival later in the evening.


‘Most of the buildings and structures in the Museum are from the 18th and

19th centuries, mostly agrarian buildings made from wood.’

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Midsummer_1 in Seurasaari by BLOGitse



Midsummer_2 in Seurasaari by BLOGitse




Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City




I’m going to have a break again – it’s summer and I want to be free to come and go.


Happy summer holidays to everyone!!!



Happy summer holidays by BLOGitse



19 thoughts on “Midsummer 2013 in Helsinki, Finland”

  1. thank you for the detailed answer to one being ignorant about your beautiful country! forgive me because my sense of geography isn’t great either.

    • No worries, I’m happy to tell about our tiny country to anyone who is interested! 🙂
      But I’m sure you know which huge country is our closest neighbor – Russia.

    • 🙂 I don’t know but I am! 🙂
      Blogging is great but time consuming – I want to have life out there too….

  2. Heiippa…
    Very similar what Sweden have §:-) we both know why.

    The ambiance reminded my childhood living in the countryside.

    Hope you had a great Midsummer with lots of laughter, families gathered around and delictable menus.

    I myselft is in Prague for our city exploration.

    Happy SSS2.

    /CC girl

  3. There have been times that I wished for such a lovely environment in which to live!
    question: why is midsummer being celebrated now where summer has just begun?

    • It’s MIDsummer here in Finland – our days will be shorter from now on. snif. Until Midsummer days are long, nights are bright…
      Most of the Finns have their summer holiday starting from Midsummer – for 4 or 5 weeks. Schools will start mid August.
      August is our main crayfish season…darker evenings with candle light, no mosquitos anymore…Every season IS a season here… 🙂

  4. We complain about insignificant things these days – imagine living in those days: you would have to chop the trees down for the wood to build your house – yourself! They didn’t complain back then, they just did – a fine lesson for us modern inhabitants! Happy Midsummer!


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